Pancrase World Championship 08


Lightweight Division -1st – Ricky Lundell2nd – Brian Wood (Next Level)3rd – Arsenio Baca (Jackson’s)4th – Eric Bork (Jackson’s)

Ricky Lundell Vs. Nick Meding – Nick Meding Took a shot, Ricky counter himto front head lock where Nick Meding Spun out fast., and Ricky sat back andpulled Nick very quickly into a Triangle choking him for the win in under aminute.

SEMI FINALSRicky Lundell Vs. Arsenio Baca – Arsenio and Ricky slapped hands in thecenter of the mat. Ricky locked onto Arsenio’s head and snapped him down tothe floor. Ricky Spun to his back lighting fast and locked on a Rear Nakedchoke for the Win.

FINALSRicky Lundell Vs. Brian Woods – The two met at the center of the mat whereBrian tried to lock up with Ricky. Ricky jumped into a flying triangle andChoked Brian to sleep in 22 seconds for the win.

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