Pictures from GFC02 and Pre-Release for GFC03 on May02

WE JUST GOT BIGGER! Throwing our MMA event on Valentine’s day was a pretty risky move, but we pulled it off. And in the process we put on the largest MMA event in the state’s history! Pictures are up from GFC02!! They are posted at the Nashville Cage Fights website, as well as my Facebook account.

A big thank you to all the women who allowed their guys to bring them out them out and a big “we told you so” to all the guys who thought their women wouldn’t get as heated up about the fights as they did. We had 13 incredible fights. And another big thank you to the promoters over at the horse saloon who put on shows that were so bad the venue kicked them out! You’ve really helped to make distinct the difference between bar fights and REAL MMA!! I’m happy to announce my NEXT EVENT, GFC 03, on May 2nd at the MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM!! Two of our top fighters, Dustin Ortiz and Brian Tidwell with BOTH be on the card. For those of you who don’t know these two guys, start paying attention now. They have incredible futures ahead for them.

We have 16 PLATINUM VIP tables and 16 GOLD VIP TABLES available, but ONLY TABLE BUYERS FROM GFC 2 will have the exclusive right to reserve them. That right will expire on March 02 and whatever is left will be open to the public. PLEASE reserve them now as many of you were upset that we were not able to provide a platinum table for you at the last event. I GUARANTEE that our VIP area is going to sell out again, so if you are coming, call and get your table now.

Come support your local fighters and watch future UFC stars. And remember ALL FIGHTERS, MILITARY, and POLICE TRAIN FREE FOR LIFE at NASHVILLE MMA – HOME OF THE GAMENESS FIGHT TEAM.

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