Podcast #103 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Women

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www.thefightworkspodcast.comThis week on The FightWorks Podcast we discuss the experience of women Brazilian jiu-jitsu. If you’re a guy, is it awkward when training BJJ against a girl? If they are a higher jiu-jitsu belt, are you afraid they’ll tap you? If you are a girl and train BJJ, does getting that close to sweaty guys for a long time make you uncomfortable? And what about dating another person at your BJJ school?

Fear not, 600,000. We will speak with Valerie Worthington, a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu who writes the popular BJJ blog Prancing and Sucking. Val has been training for quite some time and due to her position in the BJJ community, has had the opportunity to train in schools all over and has lots to say on the topic of being a woman in jiu-jitsu.

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