Podcast #134 Changing Jiu-Jitsu Schools Part 2

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www.thefightworkspodcast.comThe place you train – will it always be the same?

This week we conclude our conversation around changing where you train Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Our guest this week is Gumby from OnTheMat.com, who can provide a different angle to the topic than in our previous discussion. Gumby has been in the jiu-jitsu scene over ten years and is a black belt under Ralph Gracie and is in the process of opening his own BJJ school. So Gumby will provide not only the perspective of a jiu-jitsu student but that of someone whose livelihood depends on a healthy school where students are not leaving to go train jiu-jitsu somewhere else.

We will also hear from Pedro Sauer in our installment of The Black Belt Corner.


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