PT. 1: Female BJJ Superstar Michelle Nicolini Announces Retirement And MMA Career

In a recent interview with, Michelle Nicolini Announced Her BJJ Retirement and Her Future MMA Career:

What led you to this decision and how difficult it was, knowing that you still compete at the highest level of the sport.

What led me to this decision was my desire to challenge myself in a new way. I want to do other things and one day would have to stop fighting Jiu Jitsu. Tell you that my file has not fallen, although the decision is already taken months ago. But it was certainly the most difficult of my life. Especially because most people stop because they have injuries or girls because pregnant. I still have a lot of willingness and desire to fight, but now will be a new chapter.

As you evaluate your history in Jiu Jitsu? Looking at these more than 10 years, you think we missed something? Some title? I would have done something different?

I believe you have done and achieved everything I decided to conquer. The championships IBJJF missed me the absolute title of Pan American (I was deputy in 2008). I’m very accomplished with my career, very much!

Who would you point as the greatest rival of his career?

Biggest rival? I think Luanna Alzuguir, I never won the gi. Before Black Michelle Tavares was my rival and blue band to Vanessa, who was a student of Polianna Lake, lol. It was much war!

And the happiest moment of your career, what would it be? His greatest achievement?

Oh man, there were so many … But I think the last few years he was fighting World US to crowd all it, guys from my Checkmat team, academy that training THFC Santos, many messages before the championships that everybody sends, it makes me happy . My greatest achievement is sporting 8 world titles kimono in black belt. I see much younger people who earn one or two and already talking about retiring. I have good health thanks to God and a lot of willingness to train. It makes me happy too! I love to train and help the team girls.

As you today sees the female Jiu Jitsu compared to when you started training and competing?What is the satisfaction of having been part of this story, it was break the evolution of time amateur to professional? 

This evolution we had is amazing. I think I was already black belt when rolled with a woman black belt.Nowadays it is very affordable. We have the workshops, camps only meant for girls. We fight wear line aimed at us. We left in the magazines and we have sponsorships. We pulled workouts for men, give interviews, won prominent awards and prizes for reasonable money, we married struggles etc. Many doors have been opened in all these years.

As I am still a student, athlete, I forget that many girls look at me this way, but I am delighted to see the girls citing my name as someone who inspires today.

I think this transformation Jiu Jitsu changed from 2007 to now (when the World IBJJF moved to the United States) only came to favor us. we still have much to evolve, to win, but I have faith that we will get ever closer to the professionalism that athletes deserve.


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