Rafael Cavalcante trains hard to return to Strikeforce

Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante don’t stop. After knockout Aaron Rosa at Strikeforce in November, the Brazilian already is training hard for the upcoming challenges. Besides, he’s a cornerstone in Anderson Silva’s training for the match against Vitor Belfort in UFC. 

"I’m training a lot, as always, I’m refining my boxing skills and training submission a lot, of course," he said, "I’m training very well because I’m helping Anderson, who’ll fight in April against Vitor Belfort in UFC. It will be a tough fight, and we are all united to help him with this challenge”.

Feijão” do not know the precise date of his return to the ring, but expect to happen soon, because he wants to do a lot of fights in 2010.

"I think I’ll be fighting at the end of March, but nothing is confirmed. I asked to fight in March, because I want to fight back this year, at least four times”, he explained, keeping an eye on the rivals of his weight division, the light-heavyweight,"I am following all the new signings of the event, are always good names. Strikeforce is very strong and is getting better. There are no easy fights”.

Training in Rio de Janeiro, the fighter tells about his evolution in the ring and the reason for his team, Team Nogueira, gain excellent results in various events.

"Our training is very hard, just have great fighters, and great coaches," he said, "We are much focused, always with great athletes. Our team is the best in the world, without any doubt. And this interaction between team members is what makes us a team so strong."

Feijão confesses to impress each time more with two of the main players of the team, the brothers Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira and Rogerio "Minotouro" Nogueira.

"Rodrigo is very well, very focused, and I was so impressed when I saw him in San Diego. He always wants to improve, is a great fighter and trains a lot. I am very happy with it. Rogerio is a phenomenon, has one of the best boxing in MMA. With that UFC thin glove, whoever he hits, will fall down", he added.

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