Revolutionary Solution for Burgeoning Mixed Martial Arts Fan Base Hailed

A new website,, offers an intuitive interface that is free of the complicated rules and point systems found in fantasy sports sites.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 13, 2007

The online services available for the exploding mixed martial arts (MMA) fan community have not met one of the average fan’s most basic needs: no site currently offers a simple, uncomplicated means of tracking one’s ability to predict the outcomes of MMA fights. fulfills individuals’ and groups’ desire to predict MMA fight winners and track their success over time against their peers.

The feature-rich site allows new and veteran MMA fans alike the chance to win prizes based on their success in predicting the outcomes of fights. The integration of Google Maps at MMAPredictions provides an information-rich display of site members’ predictions by geographic origin. MMAPredictions users can form groups to compete among their own friends, discuss mixed martial arts events in the forums, and follow the latest MMA news.

“We’re very excited to bring something to MMA fans that they’ve been missing for too long,” glowed Caleb Queern, the site’s founder. “While appealing to some, fantasy dollars, point systems, and even wagering are beyond the desires of most fans. will be a home for the casual mixed martial arts fan and hardcore fans alike, with tons of information and engaging ways to pick, share, compare, and win based on their predictions of mixed martial arts fights.”

“And to make sure a fan is never out of the loop, MMAPredictions delivers fight results by text message to all members who would like them at no charge, other than the nominal fee their carrier may charge to receive the message. Even though we have just started, several enhancements to the site are underway already. We know this will become a great home for MMA fans everywhere.”

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