Rivera’s Manager Claims Wolfslair Response is “Damage Control”

In light of today’s statement from The Wolfslair regarding the actions of UK star Michael Bisping and the conduct of Jorge Rivera’s camp, Lex McMahon, Jorge Rivera’s manager, has hit back via MMAJunkie.com:

Mr. McMahon said the following:

"A professional fighter knows better. He secured a Muay Thai clinch on Rivera while both of his knees were on the ground, chambered his leg, and threw the strike. A professional fighter knows when to pull the trigger on a strike and when not to, so the statement that it was unintentional is baseless.”

“Jon Jones was disqualified (at The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale) for an illegal strike against Matt Hamill, yet Mr. Bisping delivers an illegal strike and walks away a winner because Jorge Rivera chose to fight on. Coming from someone who has been recorded on video spitting directly at and on Phinney, making obscene gestures, and using homophobic slurs toward him – this it the pot calling the kettle black.”

“Mr. McGann’s accusations about Phinney’s conduct are simply untrue, and we feel that this is his attempt at damage control in light of the impending punishment being levied against Bisping by the UFC, and the irrevocable shame that his name will forever be linked with.”

“Future opponents now have a glaring weakness in Bisping’s game to focus on-his inability to control his temper. In terms of the promotion aspect of the videos, more fans tuned in to watch Bisping vs. Rivera than were expected, and now Mr. Bisping has exactly what he wanted in the first place – three middleweight contenders calling him out.”

“His profile has been pushed higher than it ever has been, and he will get the fight he wanted with top tier contenders. He no longer has to chase them. They are knocking on his door, so he will profit from the marketing campaign launched for this fight. We all feel the incidents that unfolded in Sydney are unfortunate and ugly. It’s not good for MMA or the reputations of the fighters involved, and we look forward to moving past this.”

Now time will tell if both camps choose to move on from this unfortunate series of events that has tarnished a super performance from Michael Bisping on the weekend. With Sonnen and Belfort both eager to take on "The Count" next, Bisping will finally get the top-five guy he has been after for so long.

Source mmajunkie.com

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