RMN EVENTS presents DEMOLITION Sept 16th Denver CO


As the earth get’s a little closer to the sun it becomes difficult to cool off when you’re 5280 feet above sea level. On September 16th it will become increasingly rough to find shelter from the heat as the Mile High city goes super nova when the (Rocky Mountain Nationals) RMN-MMA presents DEMOLITION! This night of destruction will take place at the National Western Complex in Denver Colorado.

This card marks the return of the original bad boy of the sport Pat “The Headhunter” Smith! He’s been on a hiatus of late, and he’s eager to climb back inside the steel and show the world he’s for real. There will be a four man $3000.00 tournament featuring some of the best new blood in the mixed martial arts world! Chute Boxe invades Colorado with their representative in the tournament Anthony Johnson. Colorado bad ass John “Terminator” Cronk will enter the tournament after competing for the King of the Cage title in August. Grapplers Edge brings a representative with a stellar record of 13-2 when Richard Moskowitz steps in the fray. Then up and comer J.T. Taylor finishes the line up as he will put it all on the line for a chance at championship gold.

The Chute Boxe invasion does not stop there when Aaron Paveras does battle with Kevin English from Justin Wisniewski’s Dune land Vale Tudo school. Also, in singles action you will see Erick Heinz, and Richard Hess versus Joey Welch in a war to settle the score.

As an added bonus Muay Thai specialist and U.F.C. veteran Kit Cope will be hosting a seminar the day before the event and commentary the night of the show!

This will be filmed for broadcasting network ABC Sports & ESPN as a pilot for television as president Ed Gutierrez steps knee deep into the realm of mixed martial arts. Gutierrez, Randy Couture and Matt Lindland had good success with the Rocky Mountain-Sport Fight event in 2005 and he is excited about this new product that will be displayed to and for the fans. This will be a night to remember and a huge step for a new promotion.

RMN EVENTS: www.rockmountainnationals.com E-MAIL: rmnwrestling@aol.com

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