“Sacrament Kimonos, The Newest Innovators of the Sport”

Sacrament Kimonos is one of the newest gi companies to hit the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene. These guys not only train in jiu-jitsu, they eat and breathe the lifestyle of jiu-jitsu. They know what they want in a gi for themselves, and they want to bring their ideas to their jiu-jitsu family all over the world. The company is based out of Sacramento, California, and their love for Cali style is evident in each and every gi they produce with their acquired logo of the silhouetted bear/star from the California flag.

Sacrament prides themselves in their jiu-jitsu family-oriented nature as well as checking the "macho-man" attitude at the door. They believe in keeping the lifestyle of jiu-jitsu pure, and really getting down to the technique of it all while wearing the best on the market with their innovative gis.

Sacrament’s gis come with some of the most head-turning color contrasts ever seen on a jiu-jitsu gi. Some have already labeled them as a "bling gi" company, but they consider their gis nothing short of edgy and pure class. Their pants come with contrasted color gussets that are made with the weave material that is used in the model’s gi top. Their pants come with a 6 loop drawstring system that really secures the pants around the fighter’s waist while competing.

One of the owners of Sacrament is of Panamanian nationality and he has been working with Combate Magazine to make sure the people of Panama get the opportunity to get their hands on one of Sacrament’s kimonos. Sacrament Kimonos is in the process of making a "Panama Pride" gi which will only be available in Panama, distributed exclusively by Combate Magazine. Combat Magazine is really doing an amazing job promoting Sacrament Kimonos… Be on the lookout for some of the upcoming articles at www.combatemagazine.com

Sacrament is working with UFC fighter and BJJ legend, Fredson Paixao to develop a limited edition Fredson Paixao signature series gi in late May. This gi will be designed by Paixao himself and is guaranteed to please! Make sure to be on the lookout for that in May!

Sacrament just recently brought on a new member to the team to head up the clothing and fight shorts section of the house. They mentioned some new concepts that are really going to change the way the BJJ community looks at fight shorts and BJJ inspired clothing. Their design team is stacked with a powerhouse squad of designing geniuses that are going to bring the same quality that is seen in their kimonos.

Sacrament just recently released the first look of their BJJ belts. The belts are made with the highest quality material and provide the kind of durability that only Sacrament can provide.

Sacrament is due to officially release in late January for pre-order sales. If you want to see Sacrament Kimonos for sale in your local fight shop, hit them up with the info for your local fight shop or demand that they get some in!

The guys at Sacrament are great, down-to-earth guys that truly value their jiu-jitsu family and take pride in their products. Feel free to drop in and show them some love, and they will definitely take the time to get back with you personally.

I expect nothing but big things out of Sacrament Kimonos. I believe they are truly going to change the world of jiu-jitsu kimonos for the better! Be sure to keep checking in at www.sacramentkimonos.comfor news updates and release dates.

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