September BJJ Comp. Calendar

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IBJJF September 5th Manaus, Brazil Gi and No-Gi $85-$95

NQY BJJ September 5th Cornwall, England Gi and No-Gi $29-$39

BJJ247 September 5th Glasgow, UK Gi and No-Gi $30-$40

ADCC September 5th Algeria No-Gi Only $10

Grappling Games 12 September 5th Chicago Ridge, Illinois Gi and No-Gi $60-$100

Garra Jiu Jitsu September 5th Queensland, Australia No-Gi(Sub/white and Blue Belt only) $65

Grappling Industries September 6th Sydney, Australia Gi and No-Gi(Round Robin) $80+

NABJJF September 11th-12th Al Ain, UAE Gi and No-Gi $35-$100

NABJJF September 12th Lawrenceville, New Jersey Gi and No-Gi $67-$137

UAEJJF September 12th San Jose, Costa Rica Gi Only $50-$60

IBJJF September 12th-13th Tokyo, Japan Gi Only $80-$105

UAEJJF September 12th-13th Ginasio Do Cruzeiro, Brasilia Gi Only $80-$105

NAGA September 12th San Jose, California Gi and No-Gi $80-$120

Newbreed September 12th Long Island, New York Gi and No-Gi $79

GTA Classic September 12th Brampton, Ontario Gi Only $65

BJJ Tour September 12th Azusa, California Gi Only $75-$109

UAEJJF September 12th San Jose, Costa Rica Gi Only $65-$85

AGF September 12th St. Louis, Missouri Gi and No-Gi $65-$105

CBJJF September 12th Vancouver, BC Gi and No-Gi $70-$100

UAEJJF September 12th Cruseiro, Brazil Gi and No-Gi $65-$95

Fight To Win September 12th Woodlands, Texas Gi Only $40-$100

SUBLEAGUE September 12th Hillboro, Oregon Gi and No-Gi $50-$70

AFBJJ September 12th-13th Perth, Australia Gi and No-Gi $50+

SUBCON September 13th Fresno, California Gi and No-Gi $65-$85

IBJJF September 19th-20th Denton, Texas Gi and No-Gi $99-$195

NAGA September 19th  Las Vegas, Nevada Gi and No-Gi $80-$120

DREAM September 19th Cerritos, California Gi and No-Gi(2x Elimination) $45+

Grappling Games 13 September 19th Memphis, Tennessee Gi and No-Gi $60-$100

Newbreed September 19th Broomall, Pennsylvania Gi and No-Gi $79

Oxford Open September 19th Oxford, England Gi Only $30-$35

JJ World League September 19th-20th Las Vegas, Nevada Gi and No-Gi $70-$95

IBJJF September 19th Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Gi Only $100-$115

BJJ Flevo Open September 19th Almere, Flevol Gi Only $20+

Triple Bull BJJ September 19th Gosford, Australia Gi and No-Gi $50-$90

QBJJC September 20th Gold Coast, Australia Gi Only TBD

Southend BJJ September 20th Southend Essex, England Gi and No-Gi $25-$35

Events BJJ September 22nd Sydney, Australia Gi and No-Gi $45-75

IBJJF September 25th-26th Las Vegas, Nevada Gi Only(Master+) $97-$135

Good Fight September 26th Pitman, New Jersey Gi and No-Gi(Sub Only) $69-$95

Fight To Win September 26th Harlingen, Texas Gi and No-Gi $40-$100

NAGA September 26th Farmington, Utah Gi and No-Gi $80-$120

NAGA September 26th Boca Raton, Florida Gi and No-Gi $80-$120

Grappling Games 14 September 26th Charlotte, North Carolina Gi and No-Gi $60-$100

Newbreed September 26th Coral Springs, Florida Gi and No-Gi $79

Grappling Federation September 26thKaunas, Lithuania No-Gi Only$50+

TFBJJ September 26th Tasmania, Australia No-Gi Only TBD

USA Grappling September 26th Santa Monica, California No-Gi Only $15-$45

BJJ247 September 26th Liverpool, England No-Gi and Gi $30-$60

Comment with any other tournaments being held this month and they will be added.

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