Sneak Peek : Cobrinha BJJ Los Angeles !!!!

Earlier this month 4x BJJ World Champion Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles made a shocking announcement that he was moving to Los Angeles, Ca to open up a new academy. With the anticipation rising and many questions flooding the various online chat forums, Cobrinah’s arrival looks to be shaping into one of monumental  proportion.

Here (picture above) is a sneak peek of the construction that is being done on his new academy which is schdueled to open up early next year. The academy will be located  at……4929 Wilshire Boulevard,Suite 104 -Los Angeles, CA


 In closing Cobrinha has a message to all of his fans and supporters out there.
I am really excited to open the school. As soon as I have the dates and when I will open the school I will post on facebook! Thank everyone for sending me a message.


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