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Marcelinho Garcia is approaching Super Challenge Grappling

Away of MMA until the end of the year, Garcia may fight in the absolute tournament

Super Challenge Grappling is trying its best to promote the most important submission tournament ever. In order to accomplish this, the promoter has hired BJJ ace and superb grappler Marcelo Garcia, the three-time ADCC champion (under 76kg) and runner-up in Absolute 2007. Garcia, who will not fight in MMA until the end of the year (due to a nasty cut suffered his HERO’s MMA debut fight in South Korea), is seriously
considering the possibility of being featured in this
Brazilian tournament.

His coach, Fabio Gurgel, stated that Super Challenge Grappling would help his pupil stay active while waiting for his next MMA booking in HEROs. This opportunity in Super Challenge Grappling could give Garcia his first absolute win.

“Garcia wants to focus in MMA, but he’ll only comeback in 2008. Because of this, I think it’s important that he takes part in Super Challenge Grappling, which will be a great submission tournament, After the MTL Finals, at next Nov. 10th, I’m going to NY to chat with him about this possibility,” revealed Gurgel, who also said that Garcia’s chances of entering the tournament will depend on how well his cut heals (which required over 100 stitches).

If Garcia is booked in the tournament, he will join a
list of high-level grapplers booked (such as Demian Maia, Fabricio Werdum, and Robert Drysdale). Also confirmed is Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, Jeff Monson, and Delson Pe-de-Chumbo. Super Challenge Grappling will take place at Clube Athletico Pauloistano on December 8th in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 8 Brazilian and 8 foreign fighters will try to win prize money of $15,000 USD for first place in this absolute competition.

Rickson Gracie coordinates the rules for Super Challenge Grappling

Submission attempts will score more points than any other position

While no one is really sure about his return to the ring, Rickson Gracie has joined the Super Challenge Grappling organization to help coordinate rules for the show. Promoter Paulo Vasconcelos explained that Rickson joining the event was fundamental ib establishing the rules of the tournament.

“We talked about the necessity of creating rules for
fighters to be active and we are working on making these rules work.”

Rickson stated that Super Challenge will feature a grappling event with all the glamour and notoriety of a big MMA show.

“Paulo is a big friend of mine and I am happy to join
this project.

What we did is make rules that will give points to fighters who put their opponents in real submission attempts. For example, a sweep will render only one point, a mount position two points, but a submission attempt will earn you three points. We are going to offer a great show for the fans and hope to stimulate fighters to compete for submissions.”

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