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UFC Resigns Two Title Contenders

By Scotty OTM / February 15, 2016

Benson Henderson made waves recently when he decided to sign with Bellator for more upfront money than resign with the UFC on the chance he could make more money as a champion again someday. Unfortunately, this shows the condition his career is in that he can make more of his name considering he was nowhere […]


Benson Henderson Moves to Bellator

By Scotty OTM / February 1, 2016

While it has been seen that a lot for he free agents are talking about moving promotions or atlas testing the waters, the first one to move has announced and it is a former champion. That is right, Benson Henderson has moved to Bellator and it is assumed hew ill challenge for the title at […]


UFC Fight Night 79 Matches to Make

By Scotty OTM / November 28, 2015

Benson Henderson vs. Winner of Joe Duffy vs. Dustin Poirier While henderson has done well at 170, the bottom line is he fought an overmatched opponent and another former 155’er. If he can make weight without an IV it makes sense for him to go back to Lightweight if he wants to journey toward the […]


UFC Fight Night 79: Predictions

By Scotty OTM / November 25, 2015

Benson Henderson vs. Jorge Masvidal Benson Henderson is a former UFC Lightweight champion who is trying to make a run at the Welterweight ranks. He was originally supposed to face off Thiago Alves but an injury has him facing off with Masvidal and a win over either them does just as much for his career. […]


MMA Bout Announcements: August 24th

By Scotty OTM / August 24, 2015

UFC Joe Proctor(11-3-0) faces off with Magomed Mustafaev(12-1-0) at UFC 194 while Brendan O’Reilly(6-1-0) goes against the Brazilian William Macario(7-3-0) at UFC 193. Aisling Daly(15-6-0) looks to wash away the upset loss with a match against the Brazilian Ericka Almedia(7-1-0) at UFC Fight Night 76. Nate Diaz(17-10-0) returns from almost a year off against Michael Johnson(16-9-0) at UFC on […]


MMA Bout Announcements: August 21st, 2015

By Scotty OTM / August 21, 2015

UFC Viktor Pesta (10-1-0) as stepped in to replace Anthony Hamilton (14-4-0) who had to drop out of his bout against Derrick Lewis (12-4-0) at UFC 192. The 25 year old fighter lost his debut but won his first bout in January of this year. Now, he has a chance to make it two straight […]


Future Matches UFC Fight Night 60

By Scotty OTM / February 16, 2015

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 60 had some big wins and some big streaks made longer. Who will start to contend for the title and who is looking to rebuild? Future Matches UFC Fight Night 60 has some people in a new weight class will they stay? Others may be forced after failed weight cuts. […]


UFC Fight Night 60 Predictions

By Scotty OTM / February 9, 2015

UFC Fight Night 60 Predictions will tell you who we think will win all the big fight coming up on this free card this weekend. Do you agree? Will a down on his luck former Lightweight champion return to his winning ways at a new weight class, or will a rising prospect lay claim to […]


UFC Fight Night 59 Future Matches

By Scotty OTM / January 19, 2015

UFC Fight Night 59 had some very good matches with some fighters picking up important wins. Who do they fight next? Do you agree with our picks? Some of the winners and losers of UFC Fight Night 59 have clear cut next matches but some of them are a little less clear. The one man next […]


Donald Cerrone Faces Benson Henderson UFC Fight Night 59

By Scotty OTM / January 6, 2015

Donald cerrone faces off with Benson henderson a third time after Eddie Alvarez was injured in training just 15 days before his fight. Donald Cerrone has the longest active win streak after walking through Myles Jury this past weekend at UFC 182 but can he extend it further while erasing a loss? A lot of […]

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