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UFC Fight Night 64 Predictions

By Scotty OTM / April 6, 2015

UFC Fight Night 64 Predictions has people fighting to keep their jobs while two former top flight Heavyweights battle to stay relevant in the main event. UFC Fight Night 64 Predictions will have a lot of newcomers to the UFC facing off as well as the company visits Poland for the first time. UFC Fight […]


UFC Resigns Cro Cop and Rematch Gonzaga

By Scotty OTM / January 23, 2015

UFC Resigns Cro Cop after going 3-1 in MMA and 7-1 in Kickboxing since leaving the organization in 2011 after a stretch of three losses. UFC Resigns Cro Cop who is in search of some rematches as he will most likely end his combat career. All of this came after Bellator expressed in signing the […]