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Rafael Lovato Jr. Vs. Kevin Holland at Legacy FC 46

By Scotty OTM / October 4, 2015

On Saturday Night Rafael Lovato Jr. took on Kevin Holland at Legacy FC 46. It only took 1:25 seconds for Rafael to prove that jiu jitsu is a key component to success in MMA.  The fighters very quickly went to the ground within 10 seconds. Rafael controlled the scramble, and mounted his opponent 1-minute in.  […]


5th Degree BJJ Black Belt Robin Gracie on Breath Control

By Scotty OTM / September 23, 2015

Good breathing is essential in developing your Jiu Jitsu game. Breath control in BJJ, Judo and Grappling. Breath control is a majorly overlooked component. Breath control in function of short- and long-term recovery, lactic acid tolerance, pain regulation, efficient muscle recruitment, focus and relaxation.


September BJJ Comp. Calendar

By Scotty OTM / August 29, 2015

IBJJF September 5th Manaus, Brazil Gi and No-Gi $85-$95 NQY BJJ September 5th Cornwall, England Gi and No-Gi $29-$39 BJJ247 September 5th Glasgow, UK Gi and No-Gi $30-$40 ADCC September 5th Algeria No-Gi Only $10 Grappling Games 12 September 5th Chicago Ridge, Illinois Gi and No-Gi $60-$100 Garra Jiu Jitsu September 5th Queensland, Australia No-Gi(Sub/white and Blue Belt only) $65 Grappling […]


Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts Standout, Mahamed Aly Making Waves

By 6 / August 1, 2015

What do Roger Gracie, Andre Galvao, Vinicius Magalhales, Otavio Souza, Rodolfo Viera,  Marcus Almeida, Paulo Miyao, Erberth Santos all have in common? They are ALL International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Brown Belt Open Class Champions. For years the IBJJF has been the proving ground for the world’s elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi competitors. The […]


BJJ Hacks: Garry Tonon on Wrestling To Jiu Jitsu

By Scotty OTM / May 27, 2015

Garry Tonon: Combining BJJ & Wrestling for Success BJJ Hacks does it again.  Another killer video. This time with OTM Favorite Garry Tonon. Garry is know for his stylish rash guards mostly but his BJJ is pretty good too. 😉

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