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A Girl In A Gi Mini BJJ Documentary

By admin / October 7, 2014

BJJ Purple Sheena Bidwell Shares Her Love Of BJJ In Jim Kearns Jiu Jitsu Story Mini BJJ Documentary Women’s BJJ is on the rise and growing by leaps and bounds.  We are seeing more and more women getting On The Mat and training BJJ! This video shares some great in site from Sheena Bidwell about […]


BJJ Technique Tuesday Basic Butterfly Sweep From The Guard

By Scotty OTM / September 30, 2014

Gracie Barra’s Flavio Almeida breaks down the Basic Butterfly Sweep from the BJJ Open Guard. Flavio Almeida known has Cachorrinho which means little dog in Portuguese is one of the top competitors to ever come out of world famous Gracie Barra. I was lucky enough to get a lot of mat time with him back […]


If you are not a Fernando Terere fan, You don’t love BJJ!

By Scotty OTM / September 29, 2014

In the late 1990s and in to the new decade Fernando Terere was a major personality in the sport BJJ game. He won the worlds as a blue belt early on and just didnt stop.  He put his heart in to Jiu Jitsu and it showed.  When Fernando Terere would step on the mat he […]


Movement Monday Advanced Sit Throughs for BJJ

By Scotty OTM / September 29, 2014

Movement Monday Advanced Sit Throughs for BJJ Practicing specific movements is a key part of getting good at BJJ.   Drilling is key, so the movements become unconscious, then you become fluid.  Any time you watch of the top guys like Keenan Cornelius, Jeff Glover, Rafeal Lovato, Kron Gracie, or others their moment is very fluid […]


Renato Laranja Show: Episode 4 with Chris Leben & Josh Barnett

By Scotty OTM / September 15, 2014

Brokeback Mountain,”Brokeback Mounch”, with Josh Barnett and Renato Laranja. Advanced Jiu Jitsu Techniques Renato Laranja does it again with an amazing show featuring the King of Catch wrestling Josh Barnett and UFC Veteran Chris Leban. Chris and Renato go into details about cripples, black guys, Anderson Silva, Josh Koscheck, Gay Fighters, and Massages.


TBT Dave Camarillo on training BJJ with Rickson Gracie

By Scotty OTM / September 11, 2014

DATM: Rickson Gracie Stands Alone I remember back when Dave was a brown belt and he went to train at Rickson Gracie’s School in LA.  At the time Dave, Gumby and I were all training at Ralph Gracie’s in Mt. View, CA.  At that time Ralph’s school was full of killers including BJ Penn and […]


Go With The Flow Presents Abraham Marte BJJ in Costa Rica

By Scotty OTM / September 2, 2014

Go With The Flow Presents Abraham Marte BJJ in Costa Rica Inspired by Royce Graice the first BJJ representative he ever day.  Abraham Marte was in love with training BJJ from his first day of practice. Abraham was from the older version of BJJ the Vale Tudo era.  He keeps his style old school with […]


The Liberty Bell Classic East Coast King of Catch Wrestling Tournament!

By Scotty OTM / August 13, 2014

They’d be lying if they didn’t say that we made history in 2007 by being the documented FIRST to offer competitive catch-as-catch-can wrestling matches in the modern age!   Now you too can test yourself at this amazing game of “PHYSICAL CHESS” by registering NOW with the original & best Catch Wrestling competition out there! […]

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