The 2008 Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Camp.

On the 28 through the 30 of March, Jeff Troshane

The 2008 Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Camp.

This event will be featuring, as it has in the past, Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Michael DePasquale Jr., Walt Lysak, Charlie Lysak, Mike Allan, and many more.

The Ocean State Grands

On the fourth and fifth of April, the event the Ocean State’s Grand National, will be hosted by Donnie Rodriguez and Christine Bannon-Rodriguez. This as usual will be a world-class event. Call Donnie at 401-258-0432 for more info.

The Annual Bay Chester Karate tournament at the Bay Chester Youth counsel will take place at the Bay Chester Recreation center, Bronx, NY. Contact Ernestine Russell at 718-325-9484 for more info. Michael DePasquale Jr. will be the Coordinator Master-Alan Goldbergactionmarartmag@mindspring.comEarthLink Revolves Around You.

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