Tillis Bjj (Noah Tillis) gets KO’d in Inland Empire Strikes Again MMA Event

Submission Championship Mixed Martial Arts proves you do not have to go an expensive or huge event to watch some quality fights in the Inland Empire. In fact, local MMA & BJJ events sometimes have the best and most exciting fights.

Out of the eight fights on the card, only three went to decision and those fights were entertaining for all fifteen minutes it lasted. Plus, it was not like they did not have some big names on the card to draw interest.

In the main event, top ten ranked Flyweight and current Darrell Montague took on Jesse Miramontes. It only took a little over two minutes for Montague to lock up a triangle choke and finish the fight. This was his last fight before being picked up by the UFC, so future UFC stars can come from anywhere. Montague trains at Millennia MMA with a lot of other great fighters, and most of them are very apt to finish fights by submission. One of his teammates, Stephen Martinez, was on the card and picked up his sixth submission victory on the card. 
That win propelled him toward a contract with Bellator MMA where he won his first fight by another submission. That was his sixth in a row with five coming in the first round.
Out of those two fights, there was one more submission victory and two TKO victories. One fight had to be stopped by the doctor just 43 seconds into the match.
Tillis Bjj (Noah Tillis) gots KO’d in his fight agains Beach. 
It does not get much more brutal or quick than that. This was the second event for SCMMA and they followed it up with a third in September. That fight card was highlighted by a female flyweight fight . This is a great event that anyone in the inland Empire should check out the next time it comes around.


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