Tsui-Jen “Soo Bee Doo” Cunanan Wins Big in Her Pro Debut!

As the title says it; Tsui-Jen "Soo Bee Doo" Cunanan wins big in her pro debut on Greg Jacksons’s, Jackson’s MMA Series 4 card in Albuquerque, New Mexico this past Saturday on April 9, 2011! This was a very momentous occasion! Tsui-Jen fought a very tough opponent Kelley Renee. We were going into her backyard, she trains in a higher elevation, at one of the worlds best MMA schools, and to top it off, she is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. So, it seems the cards were stack against us. We were the obvious underdogs. To us, it meant nothing. She had more to loose! We had all to gain. There was no pressure going into this fight! We prepared for a tough fight! Tsui-Jen’s camp was grueling and one of the hardest she has been trough since she started fighting. Especially since she was making the jump from 3 minute rounds to 5 minute rounds. It was all worth it! Tsui-Jen fought to the exact game plan we worked on and it got her the win! Proper preparation! Tsui-Jen had an outstanding performance! Her performance was so good, she already had 2 requests from promoters to have her fight on their show. Congratulations to our first pro fighter, Tsui-Jen "Soo Bee Do" Cunanan! The sky is the limit and we are shooting for the moon and beyond! T.J. Cunanan vs Kelley Renee Pt. 1 T.J. Cunanan vs. Kelley Renee Pt. 2

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