UFC Fight for the Troops Predictions

 Tim Kennedy vs. Rafael Natal

Kennedy has faced the better competition, but that does not make him the better fighter in this fight. Natal has lost twice in his UFC career, but event he fight against Andrew Craig was a loss due to slip up as he was single handily winning that fight before the head kick. The real question mark is Natal’s cardio, because he has never gone past the first three rounds while Kennedy has had some five round fights. Look for Natal to break through into the top ten with this win in a unanimous decision.

Liz Carmouche vs. Alexis Davis

Davis is a tough fighter, but it i hard to match the heart of someone like Carmouche. Most nights Davis would most likely have the advantage, but it is hard to bet against a former marine fighting in front of an all military crowd. As long as Carmouche can maintain heavy control on top she will win this fight. Look for a TKO in the second round from Carmouche.

Jorge Masvidal vs. Rustam Khabilov 

Masvidal is a good fighter, but he has been shown to break or been controlled before. Khabilov has not fought the same level of fighters as Masvidal, but he has only ever lost one fight and that was by split decision. Khabilov’s excellent takedowns and clinch work will allow for him to take the fight to Masvidal. A hard fought decision win will be in the hands of Khabilov by the end of the night.

Colton Smith vs. Michael Chiesa

Smith is a decent fighter, but until he stops relying on his wrestling and works on the other parts of his game he will have a rough go of things in the UFC. Cheisa is a monster with his submissions, and that means even if the fight hits the ground Smith will not be safe. As opposed to Smith, Cheisa has worked extensively on his striking and even found power in his punches. Smith gets caught by submission after taking the fight to the ground in the third round.

James Krause vs. Bobby Green

Both of these fighters are finishers, but Green is a bit more well rounded. With power in his hands and submission skills on the ground he can make a tough fight for anyone. Krause is luckily taller and has a longer reach which will allow for him to keep Green’s power away from him standing. The ground game will not be as even though as Krause will win a lot more of the exchanges there. Both fighters are finishers, but they are also tough to finish. Krause outlast and TKO’s Green in the third.

George Roop vs. Francisco Rivera

This is Roop’s fight to lose, because with his standup skills and knockout power he should be able to take out Rivera. Rivera’s power is his biggest asset, but when facing someone a lot taller and longer it is a losing battle to win. Roop takes this fight by a TKO in the first round.

Dennis Bermudez vs. Steven SIler

Siler is a tough fighter, but he has never faced someone with the speed and intensity of Bermudez. Siler is slick on the ground, but he will have a disadvantage in the wrestling department. As long as Bermudez keeps the exchanges on the ground to a minimum, and he can use his striking skills to take a decision victory which may come split but it will come.

Germaine de Randamine vs. Amanda Nunes

Nunes needs to take this fight to the ground if she wants any chance of winning this fight.  She may fancy herself a boxer, but she will not be able to defeat the former kickboxing champion standing up. Nunes showed her ground and pound abilities when she took on Sheila Gaff, ad if she replicates those efforts here she will walk away with two straight wins. As long as she sticks to that plan Nunes takes her second straight win in the UFC.

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