UFC Sued: Does it Really Matter?

UFC Sued by former fighters but the ultimate outcome is long from over. At the end of the day does it matter? We will have to wait to find out what happens.

ufc sued
The UFC was sued by former fighters Jon Fitch, Nate Quarry and current UFC fighter and drug test failer Cung Le. The ultimate question is does it matter.

The UFC sued is due to the being a monopoly but that goes right out the door with Bellator and WSOF in the mix currently. In fact, there is actually bigger threats to the UFC than ever with Strikeforce never being around that long and PRIDE being located on the other side of the world.

A monopoly essentially makes their competitors fail, but has the UFC done that? PRIDE did it all on their own by tying themselves to the Japanese mob. Affliction fell by paying fighters entirely too much. EliteXc failed for the same reason. Also, Strikeforce’s investors wanted out. Just because the UFC scooped them up to get the footage and contracts means nothing. It certainly does not make them a monopoly.

A monopoly is also defined by the UFC sued by not being a direct competition. Bellator kept Eddie Alvarez out of their grasp, nearly took away Travis Browne, and had Gilbert Melendez signed. In fact, UFC has allowed many fighters to go see what their worth. It also speaks to the case that the biggest detractors to the UFC in Frank Shamrock, Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture have not joined the case.

In fact, you have Jon Fitch who thinks he may just be worth more money. He did not sign with Bellator and jumped on with the WSOF who is only giving him about $30,000 a fight which is less than half his average UFC salary. Cung Le made well over $750,000 with the UFC just over four fights plus got to headline events that he loved at the time in China.

Lastly, Nate Quarry has been talking against the UFC but look at what he said about his back surgery, “What most people don’t know is, before my back surgery, I went to Dana White and said, “I can’t even train anymore. My back hurts so bad and I can’t afford surgery. I don’t know what to do. “And he said, “We’ll take care of it. Go get it done.” So Dana White is 100% responsible for saving my career. Of course, if I got paid more for my title fight I could have taken care of it myself. (laughs) Maybe.”

That was a pre-existing injury and an expensive surgery paid out of pocket before the UFC gave all fighters a health plan. It looks like the UFC sued may be breaking down before it even truly starts up.

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