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The UFC has always been keen on instant rematches for champs and sometimes they are deserved. More than anything, they can see a PPV if the two participants are intriguing to the viewer. While sometimes the rematches can go overboard, these two actually make sense.

The first rematch comes between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. The two faced off in January of last year with Jones taking the decision win. Unfortunately, Jones was caught in a hit-and-run accident under the influence and was stripped of his title. In the meantime, Cormier returned for the title fight against Anthony Johnson what he won by submission. Then he went on to defend the title against former Jon Jones foe Alexander Gustafson which he won by close split decision. Now, Jones has returned from his suspension and will get a chance to reclaim the title he never lost. The bout is proposed for April of tis year with he winner most likely facing off with Anthony Johnson after his dominating win over Ryan Bader.

The other title rematch comes int eh form of Chris Weidman trying to reclaim his title against Luke Rockhold. This fight is a instant rematch but this is a case were extenuating circumstances led to this fight. Rock hold captured the title from Weidman via TKO and he was suppose to face off with number one contender Yoel Romero, but a failed drug test has lead to his suspension. With his removal and the defeat of Jacare, it left the new champion without a fight. This lead to the chance for Weidman to slide back in and get a chance to recapture his title. Given that he only lost his title due to a mistake it means that this fight actually make sense. This fight is scheduled for UFC 199 in June. Who’d o you think wins in these title fight rematches?

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