Victory at the No-Gi Worlds for Lovato Jr and Rader

[center]Rafael Lovat Jr and Justin Rader - 2010 No Gi Black Belt World Champions[/center]

Mission accomplished! It was a tough day of matches for me yesterday. I went against two strong veterans in the semifinals and finals, Flavio “Cachorrinho” Almeida and Roberto “Tussa” Alencar. My match with Almeida was very close. I started off by pulling guard right away. In the past, I have tried to wrestle with Flavio and we would cancel each other out or he would get the better of me a little bit, so even though I worked on my wrestling a lot, I decided not to play into his game. I was feeling very good with my guard, I wasn’t able to get a score on him, but I came close to a few omoplatas and I was able to get a kimura/arm-lock combination for an advantage. He was kind of backing away a lot, but he did try to put some good pressure on me and I defended well. He earned an advantage for stacking me, but I didn’t go to me knees. In the end, I took the decision victory due to my aggressiveness.


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