Wallid Ismael on the 12/17/98 Royce x Wallid match

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From “A Hora Da Luta”(translated from Portuguese)

Edited by Brian Kodi. (Only obvious grammar and spelling errors were corrected. The ambiguous translations were left untouched to avoid possible incorrect interpretations.)

Before the footage:

Thank God, I showed my potential again. For those who came to cheer for me, I gave happiness again and for those who came to cheer against, sadness once more. The sport is like a roller coaster. Sometimes you are in a high level and other times in a low level but you always have to be determined and have faith in god. When you work hard, victory always comes. The event was great. It will be in the history of all histories. I fought with Royce the biggest name out there and I won, now I’m in the spotlight.

Comments during the match:

Wallid (L) and Royce (R)preparing to begin the matchPhoto by Paulo Ruy BarbosaI was relaxed doing yoga and this gave me an equilibrium to fight well.

Royce is way taller than me and very technical and he was well prepared. He is considered the best out there and a win over him is wonderful. Many years after I won over Ralph, they said that Renzo is coming. After I beat Renzo they said it will be Royce. Now I want to know what they will say as an excuse.

In the fight I was attacking. I was born for this. It’s impressive. I love what I do. I went on the attack. The fight could take one or two hours and I was prepared. I tried to do a takedown but he is very technical and he took me down. I have to admire him for being a great opponent. He came very prepared but I know my little secrets. This time is the time that the son cries and the mother doesn’t listen. A very technical fight. He was trying to submit me with a choke but I was able to get out and change the position. The position that was in his favor turned to my favor. Then I did the takedown that was very good. The people at home can’t imagine how the two fighters trained for this fight. There is no doubt it was the most expected fight of all time. The sport is not violent. The sport is peaceful. I was trying to pass the guard and he was trying a triangle. He was trying to choke me at the same time but I trained hard on escapes for leg locks and triangles. People don’t know how hard it is for him to defend the guard but I didn’t let his left leg come around for the triangle. He is very flexible. This was the time that I passed to one side and he expected the other side. He never expected this. A excellent escape trying to stand up but I put the hook. Jiu-jitsu is like a chess of body for intelligent persons, that’s why people love and keep growing. He is trying to escape but I held very well. I trained a lot for this fight for him the fight was going to be easy. He was trying to escape the right way for the choke but it was really tight then he slept [saying ironically]. I want to thank a lot the partners at my team who I train with and even in my team we had some discussion. Royce is a great fighter and [the loss] doesn’t take away from his honor. This is just the beginning.

Comments after the match:

RoletaI retired Wallid and I won over Saulo [Ribeiro] twice. Now I give him the chance for a rematch and for Saulo too.

Ryan GracieRoyce didn’t train well for the fight living in USA for more than 10 years, and I want to know if Wallid fights me with or without gi.

WallidRoleta don’t know even how to talk. He was submitted by Sperry who had to run after him. Ryan just has the [Gracie] name. What he did for BJJ? But he interests me. I won over Ralph, Renzo and Royce and he can’t say that he wasn’t trained. Royce wants a rematch and is case to study, I give him a rematch.

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