What to Expect from Your First Jiu Jitsu Class

Once you sign up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you might wonder about what to expect form that first class. It is advised that you take a tour before the scheduled start date so that you know what classes look like and get a feel for the people who attend. You should also come in to the academy a day or so before to fill out any required paperwork and to sign your waiver that will allow you to participate in the training. MMA training of any kind can be intense and is very physical. Becoming injured is a possibility in any type of fitness or exercise program, so it is important to keep that reality in mind.

Ask Questions, Learn Facts

When you discuss your upcoming classes with the Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach, it is important that you make sure that you are asking questions and getting advice. This way you are ready to get started before the class even begins and don’t put yourself or others at risk of injury. Don’t allow your ego to get in your way. BJJ training will not work if you are not ready to humble yourself and really pay attention. If you can’t stop your brain and mouth from getting in your way, then pass this training by. It is not for you. The more comfortable you are with the abilities of the instructor, the better things will be for you.

Observe Before Attempting

Some Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu academies will allow you to come for an observation session where you sit back and observe a class. You will see how the levels are paired up for grappling practices and sparring sessions. You will see how a warm up is handled. You will see how the instructor interacts with his class. It can put your mind at ease to see how these things are all handled. You won’t have to be afraid that you are going to face a MMA trained champion when you are a raw beginner.

What You Will Wear

The serious student will be wearing the traditional gi with the belt that they have attained up to that point. For others, it might be athletic shorts and tops. As a beginner, you should wear something that is form fitting but not overly tight so that you can move well without any binding and constriction. Baggy clothing, long hair and jewelry are all bad ideas because they increase the risk of injury dramatically.

If you have prior injuries and have protective gear (knee braces, wrist guards) you should wear them, however, ask the BJJ instructor about the rules concerning them. In addition, you should also ask about shoes. In some academies, special shoes are allowed while in others there are no shoes allowed on the mats at all. If you are afraid of injuries to your fingers and toes, you can tape them to protect them from sprains or strains.

At Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach you can be sure of two things – having fun and achieving your goals. Come check us out for yourselves.

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