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Peak Performance CampThis Weekend

February 9 – 10

Small Group, Personalized Instructionfor ALL ages.

6 Outstanding sessions of learning and training.


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Ken Chertow’s Gold Medal Training Camp

Super Gold Medal Training Camp: grades 7 – 12

• Multi-week advanced learning and training including sports science seminars and customized curriculum. Super Gold is clearly the finest multi-week wrestling camp in the Nation!

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Gold Medal Training Camp: grades 7 – 12

• 4 – 6 days with specific sessions for live wrestling and training in addition to technical instruction.

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Technique Camp: grades 7 – 12

• Technical instruction will be emphasized with limited live wrestling.

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Kids Training: grades 3 – 7

• A more advanced option for the serious youth wrestler.

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Future Champions: grades 1 – 3

• Fun & fundamentals for youth wrestlers.

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Attention Coaches – Innovative Team Camp

While traditional team camps provide for only one or two matches daily, Gold Medal Team Camp offers every member of your team an entire daily session dedicated to live wrestling, intense drilling, and serious training. Instead of wrestling a short match and then sitting around for the duration of the session like most team camps, Gold Medal Team Camp provides each wrestler continuous wrestling with multiple quality partners.

By forgoing the typical dual meet format we are able to provide our campers with the opportunity to wrestle numerous matches of varying lengths while also including many “live situations”. This variety helps maintain a high level of intensity while reinforcing and perfecting the techniques presented in our instructional sessions. Coaches who bring their teams to our innovative camp consistently remark how much more productive and beneficial the sessions are than typical camps.

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The Mindset and Tactics of a ChampionThis is one of the most exciting times of the year because all the season ending tournaments are upon us. Every high school athlete is striving to have a Peak Performance at the Regional and State Tournaments, while the college guys are looking to turn it up a notch for the Conference and NCAA Championships. I have attended the NCAA Championships annually since 1982 and the competition is intense.

State Tournaments are also very exciting! I will be following the success of my summer camp students at many different State High School Tournaments. I will attend weekend tournaments with my youth club between these events making for a very busy spring.

My most vivid memories from my wrestling career are undoubtedly…

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