Xande Ribeiro Just Revealed Why His Guard CANNOT Be Passed (11 Years)

The absolute world champion, twice… The IBJJF world champion, seven times… Xande Ribeiro has proven himself to be one of the greatest jiu jitsu competitors of all time and will continue to add impressive feats to his name as the years go on. But, I have a question for you, when’s the last time that YOU can remember, that Xande got his guard passed? I’ll wait…

Still waiting…

Here’s why you and nearly everyone else in the world can’t remember that.

Graciemag asked the younger Ribeiro brother (Xande) how come his guard hasn’t been passed in a championship in 11 YEARS.

“I proposed a challenge to myself: next time someone in a championship passes my guard, I’ll become a businessman,” Xande said. “I 100% believe in my BJJ and in the way I fight. I base myself on scientifically proven techniques. And I don’t see anyone with the pressure that Saulo or Roger have — my great opponents in training and competition, respectively. Yes, there are big guys; however, they advance a little and then retreat.”

“Blocking a move is easy; blocking pressure is what’s hard. Pressure is the constant squeeze; a move is just a move. The sense of protection is the number-one question in BJJ. Let’s go back to Grandmaster Helio Gracie and analyze a detail I think about every day. How are you going to beat me if you can’t touch me? This is the point: I think no one can touch me. It’s not about winning; the question is not being touched by the opponent. My guard gives me that security. And I think I’ll carry that inside me for a long time to come.”

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