Zenith BJJ Team at Acropolis Open

 The 2013 season has quickly come and gone. And just in case you didn’t hear, two of the greatest of all time, Robert Drysdale and Rodrigo Cavaca, joined forces to create a new powerhouse BJJ Team. Zenith BJJ turned heads with impressive performances in some of the toughest events of the year!

Shortly after being created, Zenith BJJ got to work immediately by taking home Second in the overall BJJ team results of their first major event! After only losing by a single point to Alliance at the prestigious Campeonata Paulista held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the stage was set for the entire year!


No Gi Worlds saw three of its top  Zenith competitors crowned as world champions! Leilani Esteban at Blue Belt, Maria Malyjasiak at Purple Belt, and Kristian Woodmansee at Brown Belt were all sporting Gold by the end of the day! If that wasn’t enough, Zenith BJJ was credited with 16 medals in total for No Gi Worlds including purple Belt Kyle Griffin and Black Belt Sophia Drysdale who also brought home a Silver and Bronze, respectively..


The team ended  the year with another great performance at the Acropolis Open held in Greece. Zenith BJJ was out in full force bringing in men and women competitors from all over Greece and Turkey! The female BJJ team brought home a ton of medals on the day to help push Zenith BJJ into the top 3 of the overall standings.


It is great to see that BJJ has become such a global sport with tournaments and teams from all over the World being involved. There are many exciting things in store for BJJ for 2014 starting off with the European Open in January and then the Pan Ams in March.  


The 2014 season looks to be very promising, and expectations are higher than ever for Zenith BJJ! You can anticipate seeing Zenith BJJ at all the major events, starting with the European Open in January 2014. They are hoping to make a huge statement with affiliates from all over the world attending including Poland, Greece, Spain, Germany, and Ireland…to only name a few!


Some people ask the question, “How do they get these guys ready?”. Well, last year the team was prepared with Professors Cavaca and Drysdale at their Pan Ams BJJ Camp. Expect the same this year when the two greats get together again!


Held at Drysdale Jiu Jitsu headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Pan Ams BJJ Camp is going to be housing some of the best athletes in the entire world! Affiliates and even non-affiliates are welcomed with open arms into the “no politics” training center of Drysdale Jiu Jitsu. And if last year was any indicator of what is to come, Zenith BJJ is a place you must stop and train at!


This years annual Pan Ams BJJ Camp presented by Zenith BJJ will begin on March 3rd. The mats will be packed with great people, and great instructors. The camp is expected to run a duration of 2 weeks currently. Updates can be had by joining the team over at www.DRYSDALEJIUJITSU.com

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