1st World Grappling Championship


It has been three years now that the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) has accepted to manage and develop the sport of grappling under its auspices. This decision was in total adequacy with its Constitution that requires FILA to gather and promote all wrestling styles existing throughout the world. The World Grappling Committee in place has done an incredible job and grappling is starting to be well developed in all countries affiliated to FILA. National courses and tournaments are experiencing a great success and the international activity is also starting to get organized. The participation of grappling in the 2007 and 2008 World Wrestling Games highlighted the fabulous potential of the discipline and made it an absolute necessity for FILA to award World Titles to the grapplers, men and women, who train and struggle all year long.

The Swiss Grappling Committee, at the instigation of Mr. Rafael Perlungher and his academy “Yogaka”, has been given the difficult task and responsibility to organize the first official World Grappling Championship in the history of this sport. The choice of Lucerne, the most visited city in Switzerland, is another great asset that will contribute to make this World Championship a groundbreaking event that no grappling lover should miss.

I wish all grapplers and spectators a wonderful time in Switzerland and an unforgettable competition.

Raphaël MartinettiFILA President

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