2 Great Highlight Videos!

Both of these highlight videos wee submitted almost simultaneously. Enjoy!

The first clip is an old school training clip, and shows Garth Taylor and BJ Penn getting ready for the Mundials together and is brought to us courtesy of Miguel Morejohn.

“Hi Gumby,

Miguel Morejohn here form Portland Oregon, I used to train at Claudio Franca’s school about 2 years ago. Now I am in Portland training BJJ at Straight Blast Gym.http//:www.straightblastgym.net These are some tough guys up here. Anyway I hope all is well with you and Scotty an your insane lives. I was going thru some oldvideo that I shot and came across BJ and Garth training for the Mundials I think. If you want to post it on OTM feel free if not then enjoy. Take care and say hello to from me Claudio next time you see him.Gracias,


The second is a highlight clip of Ryan Gregg, one of the top brown belts in the United States (and has been one of the top for a long time.

Ryan Gregg is offering privates for a intro price of $40 an hour for a limited time!

Check out this highlight reel and decide if you wanna learn some different perspective on tournament tested techniques! Lots of never before seen footage including Gracie vs Machado.

There are almost 30 submissions on the video!

Email southbayjj@hotmail.com for more info!

If you have a video you would like to submit, you can either use the Video Submission form here: http://onthemat.com/xcart/customer/cp_video.php?mode=add or e-mail Gumby@onthemat.com

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