2008 California State Pankration Championships

2008 California State Pankration ChampionshipsSanta Ana College – Bristol & 17th Street1530 W. 17th streetSanta Ana, California

Spectators:$8 Adults$5 Kids – 5-13 yrs*$8 Coaches * One Free Coaches band with roster of 5 competitors

This Tournament is open to all styles and schools. Amateur�s only.All divisions are double elimination with a consulation bracket for 3rd & 4th place.

This is the Only State Championship in California. All winners will be recognized as the Official California State Pankration Champion.

– Athletes from all States, Schools and Styles are welcome.- All Division�s are limited to 16 competitors per Bracket.- Everyone is encouraged to pre-register to guarantee their spot.- Athletes who do not make their registered weight will be allowed to move up in weight provided there is an opening in that bracket. All others will receive a refund minus a $5 administration fee.

Weigh in and Walk In Registrations: Two Options, you only need to make weight once

Saturday April 5th – 6-8 PMSunday April 6th – 7-8:30 AM:No competitors accepted after the 8:30 AM cut off

Schedule of Events: All times are estimated9:30 AM – Rules demo10 AM – Women (14 & over)10 AM – Rookie (under 8)10 AM – Novice (8-10 yrs)11 AM – Cadet (11-13 yrs)12 Noon – Junior (14-17 yrs)2:30 PM – Men’s Division6:30 PM – Estimated Men�s final medal matches.

Duration of Matches: All Divisions are Double eliminationRookies, Novice and Cadets matches are one 3 Minute Period.Women and Junior matches are one 4 minute period.Men division matches are one 5 minute period.

Entry Fee:$50 Pre-paid Registrations$60 Walk in and after April 4th$10 discount – Teams with 15 competitors. All entry forms must be turned in together$5 discount – Teams with 8 competitors. All entry forms must be turned in together

Awards:Custom State Champion Medals for 1st – 4th place. Two 3rd place medals for Men divisionCustom State Champion Plaque for Men�s division champions.Team Awards for Top 3 Men TeamsTeam Awards for Top 2 Junior TeamsTeam Award for top combined Rookie, Novice and Cadet Team. (Based on Participation)

Mandatory Equipment:- All Athletes must compete with MMA Style Gloves, a mouthpiece and Cup. MMA Style gloves will be provided to athletes without their own.- Other protective gear is optional: Elbow pads, Knee pads, Shin/ Shin & Instep guards, Wrestling Head Gear, Wrestling/ Martial Arts Shoes.- MMA Fight Shorts with Rash guard is the recommended uniform.- Athletes may also compete in Traditional Martial Arts attire, shorts or sweats without open pockets or metal, tight fitting T-Shirt or Wrestling singlet.

Rules: See rules and regulations at www.fightleague.org/Rules.html


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