2008 Easter Bowl Grappling

Attention Competitors and Coaches:

The AGC is proud to announce the 1st show of our 2008 schedule.On May 17th in Sudbury MA we will be holding the 2008 Easter Bowl GrapplingChampionships. This event will have over 80 divisions for teens, women,masters, kids, and amateur adult divisions, all of which will count towardsthe 2008 AGC Champions Race and be double-elimination. For this showhowever our Professional Divisions will be different. For the first timeever we will be using a new PRO Team format. The format will include 16plus teams competing for 1500.00, to determine which New England Team istruly the strongest.

The format works like this:

-Single elimination, No-Gi, sanctioned under AGC Pro No-Giregulations: heel hooks okay, but no slams or neck cranks

-5 members to a team with a representative at each weight class

-under 225; 205; 185; 170; and under 155

-the teams will be bracketed as such to pit team-against-team

-order of competition for weight classes will varyround-to-round to spread the fights out

-the first team to win 3 or more fights will advance to the nextround

-the winning team will be presented with a check for 1500.00 tobe split as they see fit. We will guarantee a minimum of 1500.00 althoughprize money will most likely be raised last minute do to a large turnout

-Registration for this event will close at 2:15 pm on the day ofthe show and the division will start at 3 pm

-we reserve the right to start this event later but under nocircumstances will the division start earlier

All of our usual divisions will follow the formats we have beenusing for the last 2 years and all of the features you typically expect atand AGC event will still be present. Anyone who enters the team event willstill be entitled to a no-gi and a gi amateur division. Our tournamentdirector Ryan Parker has been recruiting teams from many of the top schoolsin New England, and we expect teams from school like: AMMA, Renzo NH, TeamLink, SimmlerBJJ, RSD, Boneyard, Gracie Barra Boston, BMAC, and many more.For more information, or if you would like to register a team for this eventplease contact Jason at LHAMMEL653@aol.com.

Warm Regards,

Jason Hammel


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