3rd World Grappling & 4th World Pankration Championhips (Results)


The 3° World Grappling Championship and 4° World Pankration Championship that took place in Cracow (POL) from 26 to 28 March 2010 were a true success in terms of participation and level of fighting. The Polish Grappling Committee prepared a wonderful Championship at the Skala Sports Hall which had already been the site of several major international combat events. Following the decision made by FILA at the beginning of this year, only one competitor per country and per weight category was allowed in the grappling competition. Even with this rule, the growth and popularity of FILA grappling was reflected by a record number of 23 participating countries. FILA welcomed first time nations Germany, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and South Africa. The host nation performed particularly well by winning the highest number of medals and placing first in the Gi competition and second in No-Gi. The US team managed to maintain its supremacy in the No-Gi competition, but made second in the Gi championship. The French and Swedish teams fought for the third places in the two styles and both showed impressive level of fighting. 17 countries attended the Pankration competition, making it the biggest championship ever organized by FILA. The new rules adopted last year made the event much more attractive and had a positive effect on the refereeing that was far more effective than it used to be in the past. The two first timer Ukraine and Russia performed very well and placed first and second before USA and Italy.


PANKRATION TOP 5 TEAM RESULTS 1. Ukraine 2. Russia 3. USA 4. Italy 5. Serbia GRAPPLING TOP 5 TEAM RESULTS 1. USA 2. Poland 3. Sweden 4. France 5. Germany GI GRAPPLING TOP 5 TEAM RESULTS 1. Poland 2. USA 3. France 4. Sweden 5. Hungry


INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: MEN’S Pankration 60 kilos Gold – Anthony Frank (USA) Silver – Dmytro Baranov (Ukraine) Bronze – Rusian Kadyrov (Russia) Bronze – Assan Burbay (Kazakhstan) 5. Elvin Jafarov (Azerbaijan) 5. Luca Paolini (Italy) 65 kilos Gold – Vitaliy Berest (Ukraine) Silver – Piotr Podstawczuk (Poland) Bronze – Ali Badautinov (Russia) Bronze – Vukoje Stesevic (Serbia) 5. Giuseppe Romeo (Italy) 5. Phillip Palmajar (USA) 70 Kilos Gold – Oleksandr Vysotski (Ukraine) Silver – Dave Torres (USA) Bronze – Rasul Mirzaev (Russia) Bronze – Fabio Perlangeli (Italy) 5. Laurent Meseguer (France) 5. Nurbek Kazhagaliyev (Kazakhstan) 75 kilos Gold – Andrey Koreshkov (Russia) Silver – Marcin Held (Poland) Bronze – Steven Aragon (USA) Bronze – Sergiy Kovaliov (Ukraine) 5. Artsiom Damkovski (Belarus) 5. Jeremy Drinkorn (France) 80 kilos Gold – Sotaro Yamada (Japan) Silver – Vasyl Novikov (Ukraine) Bronze – Lukasz Srebnicki (Poland) Bronze – John Friedland (USA) 5. Andres Mathe (Hungary) 5. Sergio Lousa (Portugal) 90 kilos Gold – Sergiy Guzev (Ukraine) Silver – Y. Aliantsevich (Belarus) Bronze – Mayindur Magomedov (Russia) Bronze – Nurbek Karabalayev (Kazakhstan) 5. Dimitri Milosevic (France) 5. M. Rousahatzakis (Greece) ** 9. Conan Mastrangelo (USA) 110 Kilos Gold – Dmytriy Poberezhets (Ukraine) Silver – Siarhei Radzko (Belarus) Bronze – Asian Alimzhanov (Russia) Bronze – Adam Kope (USA) 5. Serin Doium (Italy) Absolute Gold – A. Rumyantsev (Russia) Silver – Volodymyr Mischenko (Ukraine) Bronze – Kyle Bolt (USA) Bronze – Conan Mastrangelo (USA) 5. Srjan Rokvic (Serbia) 5. Marco Ferretti (Italy) WOMEN’s Pankration 50 Kilos Gold – Elena Pak (Russia) Silver – Bojana Jolicic (Serbia) 55 Kilos Gold – Chiara Ronchetti (Italy) Silver – Merima Galatin (Serbia) Bronze – Khayala Asarova (Azerbaijan) 60 Kilos Gold – Olga Kirillova (Ukraine) Silver – Martina Massi (Italy) Bronze – Irena Preiss (Poland) 65 Kilos Gold – Tatiana Ivanova (Russia) Silver – Aleksandra Tasic (Serbia) 75 Kilos Gold – Aliona Martynenko (Ukraine) Silver – Olga Ruskozeeva (Russia) Absolute Gold – A. Evstingeeva (Russia) Silver – Trish Hassel (USA) Bronze – Aleksandra Tasic (Serbia) Bronze – Galyna Mateichuk (Ukraine) 5. Galetin Mermima (Serbia) 5. Amy Wilke (USA)



MEN’s Grappling

60 kilos

Gold – Fabien Brochetelle (France)

Silver – Daniel Kmegy (Hungary)

Bronze – Ilias Bazianos (Greece)

Bronze – Zach Makovsky (USA)

5th – Elvin Jafarov (Azerbaijan)

5th – John Louro (Canada)

65 kg

Gold – Dennis Prokopos (USA)

Silver – Robert Trzcionka (Poland)

Bronze – Frank Staeblein (Germany)

Bronze – Karim Saki (France)

5th – Marco Masura (Italy)

5th – Petar Marjanovic (Croatia)

70 kg

Final results not currently available

Bronze – Tom LeCuyer (USA)

75 kg

Gold – Michel Salvadori (France)

Silver – Christian Sandberg (Sweden)

Bronze – Mike Kelly (USA)

Bronze – Andreas Achniotis (Greece)

5th – Samvel Arutyunyan (Armenia)

5th – Davor Pocijak (Croatia)

80 kg

Gold – David Pierre Louis (France)

Silver – Bernardo Serrini (Italy)

Bronze – K. Lukaszewicz (Poland)

Bronze – Svetlozar Savov (Bulgaria)

5th – Sergiy Sergienko (Ukraine)

5th – Andrey Rychin (Russia) **14. Scott Garcia (USA)

90 kg

Gold – Mats Nilsson (Sweden)

Silver – Takanori Kuno (Japan)

Bronze – Nico Penzer (Germany)

Bronze – Zbigniew Tyszka (Poland)

5th – Srjan Rokvic (Serbia)

5th – Lamberto Raffi (Italy) ** 12. Jeff Funicello (USA)

110 kg

Gold – Mikael Knutsson (Sweden)

Silver – Srdjan Klisaric (Serbia)

Bronze – Vlado Pilipovic (Croatia)

Bronze – Adam Magomedov (Russia)

5th – Csaba Gulyas (Hungary)

5th – Gabe Barahona (USA)


Gold – Mario Rinaldi (USA)

Silver – Eddy Bengtsson (Sweden)

Bronze – G. Tenhuendfeld (Germany)

Bronze – Istvan Kalmar (Hungary)

5th – Paolo Strazullo (Italy)

5th – Predrig Budic (Serbia)

WOMEN’s Grappling

50 kg

Gold – Lisa Ward (USA)

Silver – Anny Hammarsten (Sweden)

Bronze – Anna Isichko (Ukraine)

Bronze – Marija Sola (Croatia)

5th – Evgenia Laloudaki (Greece)

5th – Joanna Galka (Poland)

55 kg

Gold – Jessica Aguilar (USA)

Silver – Océane Talvard (France)

Bronze – Sandra Paszkiewicz (Poland)

4th – Galentia Merima (Serbia)

5th – Khayala Asgarova (Azerbaijan)

60 kg

Gold – Sheila Bird (Canada)

Silver – L. Fouillat-Cousin (France)

Bronze – Julia Klammsteiner (Italy)

Bronze – Tara LaRosa (USA)

5th – Olga Starubinska (Ukraine)

5th – Evelin Banyai (Hungary)

65 kg

Gold – Karolina Zawodnik (Poland)

Silver – Dusanka Bozovic (Sweden)

Bronze – Aleksandra Tasic (Serbia)

75 kg

Gold – Monika Oleksik (Poland)

Silver – Aliona Martynenko (Ukraine)


Gold – Sheila Bird (Canada)

Silver – Tara LaRosa (USA)

Bronze – A. Hadzisulejmanovic (Sweden)

Bronze – Irena Preiss (Poland)

5th – Amy Hammarsten (Sweden)

5th – Galetin Merima (Serbia)




MEN’s Gi Grappling


60 kg

Gold – Zach Makovsky (USA)

Silver – John Louro (Canada)

Bronze – Karol Kawiorski (Poland)

Bronze – Fabien Brochetelle (France)

5th – Asker Baragunov (Russia)

5th – Alessio Rimella (Italy)

65 kg

Gold – Brian Mahecha (USA)

Silver – Piotr Podstawczuk (Poland)

Bronze – Karim Saki (France)

Bronze – Aslan Rustamov (Azerbaijan)

5th – Marco Masura (Italy)

5th – B. Bayasgalan (Mongolia)

70 kg

Gold – Bence Szoke (Hungary)

Silver – Marcin Held (Poland)

Bronze – Yan Reznichenko (Russia)

Bronze – Ciro Ruotolo (Italy)

5th – Nurbek Kazhagaliyev (Kazakhstan)

5th – Carlos Polo (Spain) ** 7. Din Thomas (USA)

75 kg

Gold – Grzegorz Kloc (Poland)

Silver – Davor Pocijak (Croatia)

Bronze – Michel Salvadori (France)

Bronze – G.Tenhuendfeld (Germany)

5th – Mate Toth (Hungary)

5th – Maxime Poulin (Canada) **9. Mike Kelly (USA)

80 kg

Gold – Scott Garcia (USA)

Silver – Zoltan Illes (Hungary)

Bronze – Andrey Rychin (Russia)

Bronze – David Pierre Louis (France)

5th – Nenad Latincic (Serbia)

5th – Pantelis Panagidis (Greece)

90 kg

Gold – Takanori Kuno (Japan)

Silver – Raffi Lamberto (Italy)

Bronze – Piotr Baginski (Poland)

Bronze – Jeff Funicello (USA)

5th – Sergii Asnishenko (Ukraine)

5th – Balazs Havas (Hungary)

110 kg.

Gold – Grzegorz Szatkowski (Poland)

Silver – Predrag Budic (Serbia)

Bronze – Mikael Knutsson (Sweden)

Bronze – Sascha Ernst (Germany)

5th – Sasa Milinkovic (Croatia)

5th – Gabe Barahona (USA)


Gold – Mario Rinaldi (USA)

Silver – Predras Budic (Serbia)

Bronze – Balazs Ordog (Hungary)

Bronze – Tomasz Michalowski (Poland)

5th – Nica Tadijanov (Croatia)

5th – Sridan Rokvic (Serbia)

WOMEN’s Gi Grappling

50 kg

Gold – Anny Hammarsten (Sweden)

Silver – Marija Sola (Croatia)

Bronze – Lisa Ward (USA)

Bronze – Joanna Galka (Poland)

5th – Elena Pak (Russia)

5th – Anna Isichko (Ukraine)

55 kg

Gold – Jessica Aguilar (USA)

Silver – Océane Talvard (France)

Bronze – Sandra Pasziewicz (Poland)

4th – Galetin Merima (Serbia)

60 kg

Gold – Sheila Bird (Canada)

Silver – L. Foullat-Cousin (France)

Bronze – A. Hadzisuljmanovic (Sweden)

Bronze – Irena Preiss (Poland)

5th – Tara LaRosa (USA)

5th – Olga Starubinska (Ukraine)

65 kg

Gold – Karolina Zawodnik (Poland)

Silver – Evelin Banyai (Hungary)

Bronze – Aleksandra Tasic (Serbia)

70 kg

Gold – Anna Dudek (Poland)

Silver – Aliona Martynenko (Ukraine)

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