4th United Gracie report and video

4th United GracieSan Francisco CAMay 14th, 2005The 4th annual United Gracie tournament took place in the usual at San Francisco State University location. Promoters Charles and Ralph Gracie attempted to up the ante for competitors however by having $4000 in cash awards for all belt levels in the “Champion of Champions” divisions. Essentially an above and below 180 absolute category open to the divisional winners and runners up only, it was a nice chance for competitors to walk away with something substantial for their efforts. Two bicycles were also raffled away as part of a raffle involving all spectators and participants as well.

What`s always marked the United Gracie tournaments is the excellent judo style bracketing and mat system. Upon registration, each competitor is given a card and assigned a mat and match number. Along side each mat was a sign letting competitors and spectators alike know what match number was taking place. When the mat displayed your match, it was time to go. If you managed to advance, you would now which match number you would be next. In this way matches kept flowing and competitors had a good idea of when they would be on the mat next.

Other rules were slightly modified over standard BJJ rules. Most notable of these changes came to the scoring system. Advantages were now eliminated, and in the case of a tie score at the end of regulation matches would go to a sudden death overtime period. If no competitor scored a point in the sudden death period, then the referee would render a decision. Also, scoring 12 points would end the match as well.

The day started off with a very large children`s division, and then progressed from white belt on through the colored belts. Champion of Champions divisions were all held later on in the day.

Some notable results:

Purple Belts: Paul Schreiner wins the purple belt middleweight and champion of champions division defeating Jimmy C

Brown Belts- Luke Stewart over Asa Fuller by submission in divisional action and by points win the over 181 champion of champions division.

Nick Slinger wins the brown belt middleweight division with a submission in rapid fashion.

Gary Grate wins the under 181 “Champion of Champions” division (he did not have a match in his regular division) submitting both of his opponents.

Jason “White Mamba” Collard over Mike Weaver by 12-0 in a match that was far more frentic and competitive than the score might indicate.

Black Belt Superfight. Alexander Crispim (Ralph Gracie) wins in overtime over Eduardro (black belt under Ryan Gracie). Crispim started the match by pulling guard on Eduardo, where the match would stay for several minutes. Despite Eduardo`s pressure and maneuvering Crispim was able to maintain his guard for 8 minutes until finally forced into half guard he nearly executed a sweep, Eduardo defended by getting to all fours and running our of bounds, so Crispim was awarded the points. Eduardo jumped to guard and returned the sweep literally as time was expiring, so the match moved to overtime. In overtime Crispim pulled guard once again and nearly locked on a triangle choke, however Eduardo escaped to Crispim`s half guard as time expired. The referee gave the nod to Crispim.

Full results should be coming at www.UnitedGracie.com, so feel free to bug webmaster Rob to post them! J

Next tournament is scheduled for September 10 at the same place.

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