Jiu-Jitsu stars at Asian CupEveryone after US$ 40 grand in prizes on 12th and 13th

The month of December is here and gentle art fans will not be short of hot Jiu-Jitsu events to talk about. On the 12th and 13th the Asian Super Cup, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, will take place with 40 thousand dollars in prizes up for grabs.

GRACIEMAG.com gained access to the list of athletes signed up for the competition, which is opened to all, in all four weight categories: under 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg and over 90 kg. Try outs for the South American Asian Super Cup, also known as the Abu Dhabi, to take place in Porto Alegre on November 2, served as incentive for the fighter, as the winners of the categories managed an all-paid trip to compete. Initially there were four spots that went to Rafael Mendes (70kg), Guto Campos (80kg) Otávio Souza (90kg) and Charles Cachoeira (over 90kg). However, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed decided to invite Michel Maia (70kg) and Claudio Calasans (80kg) for deeming them have to performed exceptionally well at the Abu Dhabi trials.

Those are the big names of those who earned the free trip. Those who think they will have an easy time after arrival are kidding themselves. Also heading to the Emirates are super tough names like Michel Langhi, Sergio Moraes, Gabriel Vella, Antonio Peinado, Zaid Mirza, Mario Reis, Lucio “Lagarto” Rodrigues and others.

Check out the list of names signed up as of now and stay tuned to GRACIEMAG.com for further information on the Asian Super Cup.

70 KG1-Rafael Mendes – Brazil2-Michel Maia – Brazil3-Tiago Fernandes– Brazil UAE team4-Reza Monfaradi – Bahrain5-Seena Monfaradi – Bahrain6-Marcio Livio – Brazil UAE7-Mario Reis – Brazil8-Moacir Mendes – Brazil

80 KG1-Cleber Lopes – Brazil2-Gustavo Campos – Brazil3-Claudio Calasans – Brazil4-Michael Langhi – Brazil5-Sergio de Moraes – Brazil6-Mohamad Mirza – Bahrain7-Yasubey Enomoto – Switzerland8-Eduardo Rios – Portugal9-Nic Ruben – Finland

90KG1-Otavio de Souza – Brazil2-Edmilson Conceição – Brazil3-Ammar Mutie – UAE4-Marcelo Freitas- Brazil UAE team5-Paulo Ricardo – Brazil UAE team6-Zaid Mirza – Jordan Team

+90KG1-Antonio Peinado – Brazil2-Gabriel Vella – Brazil3-Charles Cachoeira – Brazil4-Lucio Rodrigues Lagarto – Brazil5-Raphael Haubert – Brazil6-Pedro Schmall – Brazil7-Janne Pekka – Finland

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