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Fight Fans were treated to a heart pounding display of caged combat at Invincible 4: It’s all about the action on July 21, 2007.Fight Fans were treated to a heart pounding display of caged combat at Invincible 4: It’s all about the action on July 21, 2007.The Ontario Convention Center hosted a night of chock full of action packed brawls with Nine exciting fights from 18 of Southern California’s best up and coming fighters. The first fight of the night proved to be undoubtedly the most memorable as West Coast Jiu Jitsu’s own Nick Willert (3-1) took on CSW’s Bryan Joplin (4-0). Soon after the bell Joplin connected with a devastating right jab causing Willert to fall to his knees and allowing for Joplin to capitalize by landing left hand after left hand. As referee Doc Hamilton stepped in to stop the fight, a dazed Willert mistook him for his opponent and violently took him down. The crowd was shocked and security was called to the stage, but Willert, still reeling from the jab, attempted to single leg take down even the security trying to pry him off Hamilton . Soon after the situation was assessed, Joplin was pronounced winner by TKO in 14 seconds of round one. The second fight of the night was an all out war between HB Ultimate’s Randy Bowers (4-2) and Unbreakable Gym’s Ernie Calma (0-1-1). Both fighters seemed eager to come out on top but it was Bowers who exuded that extra bit of heat offensively going for kimura arm locks and arm bars and landing a few right hands from side mount, but to Calma’s credit he successfully defended against all of Bowers’ submission attempts. At the beginning of both rounds Bowers initiated with his impressive leg kicks and rights knees, but by the middle of round two his submissions proved to conquer over Calma in the end, winning by guillotine choke in 2:56 seconds in round two. The featherweight division offered Unbreakable Gym’s Pete Sabala (2-3) vs. Miguel Linares (2-2) from Riverside. Shortly after round one Linares takes Sabala down and lands in his guard. From inside he lands a few hammer fists and right hands to Sabala’s face. As the referee makes them stand Linares connects with a clean right hand and forces Sabala to go down stunned. Linares sees an opening and delivers a vicious knee just before the bell. In round 2 Sabala takes Linares down but gets his back taken and as Linares gets a hook in he lands a few hammer fists with his free left hand and soon after finishes with a guillotine in 1:22 seconds of round one. The heavy weight presented an action packed fight as the Shark Tank’s Emre Ozgur (2-0) took on Unbreakable Gym’s Joseph Silva (0-1). In round one Ozgur began connecting with a few leg kicks and Silva connected with a few clean jabs dazing Ozgur. The fighters take it to the ground and Ozgur takes control mounting Silva and delivering a long session of ground and pound. In round two Silva comes back by landing a fierce under hook and as Ozgur attempts a take down he lands in a guillotine. Silva holds on tight and sweeps landing in his guard and lands a few punches from inside. The referee makes them stand and Silva connects with a clean left hand just before the bell. By round three both fighters were bludgeon and seconds after the bell Silva connects with yet another left hand and then a right dazing Ozgur. Silva ran the remainder of the fight nicely landing a few combos and a ferocious under hook. The fight was ruled a Majority (decision) in favor of Emre Ozgur. A short but impressive match up between Team Quest’s John George (3-3 ) and the Shark Tank’s Maurice Doucette. Doucette lands an overwhelming right hand forcing George to go down hard. The fight goes to the ground and as George attempts a leg lock Doucette lets his free right hands rain causing a referee stoppage and allowing Doucette the win in only 1:22 seconds of round one. The sixth fight of the night was an apprehensive battle between Shark Tank’s Bobby Sanchez ( 3-5-0 ) and HB Ultimate’s Travis McRoberts (2-2) as both fighter circle each other for just about the entire first round. In round two Sanchez goes for a takedown and attempts a rear naked but McRoberts escapes it. As Sanchez goes for another takedown he puts McRoberts against the cage and lands in a guillotine. McRoberts tightens it up and finishes nicely as Sanchez taps in 1:09 seconds of round 2. An all out brawl was exhibited by West Coast Jiu Jitsu’s Nick Braker (2-0) and CSW’s Ben Jones (2-2). Both fighters came out swinging in the first round but as Jones attempted a take down Braker defended and they ended up in a clinch. Braker goes for a knee to the body but lands it hard into Jones’ groin. After taking 5 minutes to recover the two go at it and Jones comes back with a vengeance connecting with a vicious right, some brutal knees and going for a takedown and a kimura just before the bell. In round two Jones continues with combo and Braker sets up a flawless takedown but lands in guillotine. Braker escapes and takes his back and lands a right and then a left. As Jones rolls to defend, Braker goes for his first rear naked choke attempt but Jones escapes rolling again, but Braker tries goes for his second attempt and finishes the fight in 1:59 second of round 2 his favor. An exciting show of combat in the co-main event as Team Diamond’s Mike Penafiel (2-1) went up against West Coast Jiu Jitsu’s undefeated Lee Chapman (3-0). Penafiel starts off nicely with an impressive take down and mounts, but Chapman clinches him close to keep from allowing him to posture. The referee steps in and makes them stand allowing for Chapman to redeem himself as he lands a crushing right hand forcing Penafiel to fall to his knees. Chapman capitalizes and as Penafiel falls to his back, Chapman continues to let those right hands rain down. The referee calls a stop at 1:10 seconds of round one and Chapman wins by knockout. The main event delivered five rounds of war between Shark Tank’s Jaime Fletcher (5-1) and The BodyShop’s Jesse Juarez (4-1). In round one Juraez dominates with a dizzying takedown and lands in Fletcher’s guard. From inside Juarez lands brutal elbows and right hands. By round 2 Fletcher attempts to redeem himself and manages to set a flawless arm bar, but Juarez viciously slams his way out of it. Fletcher regains control by putting Juarez in his guard but only to allow him to connect with more of those infamous elbows. Still going with the same game plan in round three, by round four Flecther attempts a triangle choke but Juarez postures out of it, then tries his hand at a rear naked choke towards the end but Juarez is saved by the bell. By the fifth round Fletcher showed some determination with his violent combos and body shots. After Juarez completes a takedown, Fletcher establishes a perfect triangle choke but Juarez again slams his way out and attempts to mount but lands in his guard. Towards the end of the round Fletcher defends Juarez’s last takedown attempt and manages to squeeze in a few body shots.

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