A new team gets a little bigger!

Top Control Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Sparta, NJ celebrated the promotion of their first blue belt since opening their doors in November of 2009. 

 Julian Libysen has been training BJJ for over three years and has worked very hard and dedicated a lot of time to the sport.  He has grown a lot in the academy as well as in life.  Since beginning his BJJ training he has gotten married and had a kid.  It take a very strong and dedicated individual to juggle life the way he does.  Congratulations on earning your blue belt. 

 There is no doubt that it is well deserved.  I should know. I roll with him.  He’s got game.  But I didn’t promote him. That honor went to Prof. Josef Manual (Robson Moura black belt) as recommended by Julian’s instructor, Preston Gagg (owner and head instructor at Top Control BJJ). 

 Once again, congratulations.  And, as you will soon find out, a blue belt may just seem like another belt.  But it’s a big step in your growth in the sport. And lucky for you, there seems to be a change that over comes white belts when they see that blue belt on your waist.  They want one. So watch out! train harder than ever, cause before you even know, all the white belts who are looking up to you are going to be gunning for you.  And you’ll feel that target on your back.  Give ‘em hell. After all: you’re my boy blue!!


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