Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu-jitsu North America (Canada) Trials Results/Pics

ABU DHABI PRO JIU-JITSU North American (Canada)Trials – Results ABU DHABI PRO JIU-JITSU North American (Canada)Trials – Results Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu-Jitsu World CupCanadian Trials Results

White/Blue BeltUnder 139lbs.1St Yonatan Sherbatov2nd Jonathan Lau3rd Jonathan Gale & Philippe Drolet.

Under 150lbs.1st Michael Tremblay2nd Vadim Kozlov3rd Josh Presley & Patrick Advencula.

Under 161lbs.1st Emilio Ramirez2nd Benjamin Dunn3rd Maxime Poulin & Eric Girard.

Under 172lbs.1St Dominic Cote2nd Dallas O’Regan3rd Benoit Guionnet & Richard Tyler.

Under 183lbs.1st Claude Belair-Gregoire2nd Jonathan Chang3rd Lee Villeneuve & Barney Bergen.

Under 194lbs.1st Jason Harper2nd Peter Constantine3rd Paul Grebinski & Jamie Finn.

Under 205lbs.1st Sean Mikkelborg2nd Bob Geilen3rd Craig Warnecke & Philippe Dubois.

Under 216lbs.1st Egor Radzievskii2nd Guillermo Quintoro 3rd Ramiro Lopez.

Over 216lbs.1st Bruno Monduruca2nd Daniel McCormick3rd Tim Doom & Nikolay

Lightweight Absolute1st MaximePoulin2nd Benjamin Dunn3rd Eric Girard & Vadim Koslov.

Heavyweight Absolute. 1st Daniel McCormick2nd Sean Mikkelborg3rd Bruno Monduruca & Tim Doom.

Purple/Brown/Black BeltUnder 143lbs.1st Elliott Bayev2nd Nobuya Shimamoto3rd Garret Curran & Alex Halkias.

Under 165lbs.1st Jonathan Willis2nd Josh Russell3rd Walter Meiss & Mark Colangelo.

Under 187lbs.1st Andrew McInnes2nd Kyle Sandford3rd Ryan Kellar & Mike Yackulic.

Under 209lbs.1st Louie Cerqua2nd Sam Osman3rd A.J. Scales & Chad Cox.

Over 209lbs.1st Rodrigo Monduruca2nd Paul Stark3rd Mike Zenga & Philip Seagal. The event was held in St. Jean Quebec Canada. Organized by GAMMA and the Spartans Fighting Academy. Sponsored by:FIGHT PLANET http://www.fightplanet.ca/Red Nose http://www.rednoseusa.com/GAMMA http://www.montrealmartialarts.com/newenglish/mainpage.htmlXMMA http://xmma.tv/The Spartans Fighting Academy. http://www.spartansfightclub.ca/ More Pictures will be available at www.abudhabipro.ca

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