ADCC 2007 North American Trials Set for Oct. 28th in Wayne, NJ

The Road to ADCC 2007, the 7th Submission Fighting World Championships begins in New Jersey!

We are proud to announce the 2007 ADCC North American Submission Fighting World Championships Trials will be hosted on Saturday, October 28th at William Patterson University in Wayne, New Jersey by the Abu Dhabi Combat Club. Winners of the ADCC Trials receive an automatic entry into the ADCC World Championships with cash prizes totaling $250,000 to be hosted in May of 2007 in the NYC Tri-State Area. This is the ONLY guaranteed way for active North American grapplers to get into the 7th Annual ADCC World Championships, the most respected MMA event in the world today.

We will also be debuting the expanded women’s divisions, of which there< are now 4. The ADCC 2007 location is being finalized by the ADCC committee as we speak, and there is no doubt that the ADCC 2007 will be the biggest ADCC of all time' states ADCC spokesperson Miguel Iturrate.

Formerly Submission Wrestling, the rules are the same, but we have changed the name to ‘Submission Fighting’ as part of a world wide campaign by the ADCC. The bottom line is that the ADCC is a 21st century, Modern Mixed Martial Art, and the name change reflects that. Much more huge news to come!’ concludes the spokesperson.


This year’s tournament, along with the North American Trials will also feature ADCC Amateur Divisions (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) for competitors looking to gain experience under the ADCC rules, as well as be able to showcase your skills in front of The Official Referee and Judges Team, directly from the Arab Emirates, Australia and Bulgaria.

Men’s Weight Classes:Lightweight: 65 Kg and UnderWelterweight: 66Kg to 76 KgMiddleweight: 77 Kg to 87 KgCruiserweight: 88 Kg to 98 KgHeavyweight: 99 Kg and over

Women’s Weight Classes:Flyweight: under 55 Kg (121 lbs.) and UnderLightweight: 55 KG to 60 KG (121 lbs to 132 lbs)Middleweight: 60 Kg to 67 Kg (132 lbs to 147.4 lbs.)Heavyweight: 67 Kg and over (over 147 lbs)

ADCC Official North American Trials Time Limits:Qualifying Rounds = 10 MinutesFinals = 20 MinutesNo Points during first half of the match5 Minutes overtime if there is a draw with no advantage

Amateur ADCC Skill Levels:Beginner 12 Months and UnderIntermediate 12-24 MonthsAdvanced 24 Months and Over

Time Limits:All Matches: 5 MinutesPoints scored during the entire match

To Submit a resume to be reviewed by the ADCC Committee for the 2006-2007 North American Trials, please send to:

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