ADCC 2011: -76.9 kg

1st Round Matches:

Marcelo Garcia vs. Davis Hart

-Marcelo Garcia defeats Davis Hart via Guillotine Choke in 2:34.



Sanshiro Nakakura vs. Victor Estima

-Victor Estima defeats Sanshiro Nakakura via takedown points in OT after a long match.



Murilo Santana vs. Jorge Britto

– Murilo Santana defeats Jorge Britto via Armbar in 9:42.



Kron Gracie vs. Jason Manly

-Kron Gracie defeats Jason Manly quickly via Guillotine Choke in 1:42.



Claudio Calasans vs. Daniel Strauss

-Claudio Calasans defeats Daniel Strauss via Kneebar in 1:20.



Vagner Rocha vs. Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes

-Tanquinho defeats Vagner Rocha via Leg Lock in 4:32.



Leo Vieira vs. Enricco Coco

-Leo Vieira defeats Enricco Coco on points.



J.T. Torres vs. Clark Gracie

-J.T. Torres defeats Clark Gracie on points in OT after a long match.



2nd Round Matches:

Marcelo Garcia vs. Victor Estima

-Marcelo Garcia defeats Victor Estima via high-elbow Guillotine Choke in 34 seconds. That’s two quick submissions in a row for Marcelo with the same choke. Marcelo is a master of this move!



Murilo Santana vs. Kron Gracie

-Kron Gracie defeats Murilo Santana via points in OT after Santana got deducted 2 points for sitting to guard.



Claudio Calasans vs. Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes

-Claudio Calasans defeats Tanquinho via Leg Lock at 14:15.



Leo Vieira vs. J.T. Torres

-Leo Vieira defeats J.T. Torres via points after reversing a solid single leg attempt.

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