ADCC 2011 has arrived! – Your quick guide to airtimes, brackets, and rules here!


ADCC 2011: Your guide to airtimes, brackets, and rules here!

The weekend grappling fanatics have anxiously waited for has finally arrived!
Not following? We’re talking about the ADCC 2011 Championships in Nottingham, England.
The brackets were released Thursday, all fighters weighed in Friday afternoon and on Saturday we’ll see the best grapplers in the world begin the race for the most prestigious grappling title in the world.
With the ADCC 2011 competition kicking off early tomorrow morning (if you are in the U.S.) we’ve compiled a quick guide to airtimes, where to find the brackets, rules and prize allocations for the event.
As outlined below, you’ll be able to order and view the event on, but if you can’t, we’ve got you covered! We’ll be posting live results on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as a results summary at, following Sunday’s finals.

What is ADCC 2011?
The ADCC World Submission Fighting Championships, was created in 1998 as a way for competitors of different grappling arts to compete with a neutral set of rules. The main event takes place every two years in different cities throughout the world, with the trials conducted in the off years. Although trials are conducted every two years, the event is very exclusive to the top grapplers in the world and special invitations are given in addition to the regional trials champions. The main event has 5 weight divisions for men and 2 for women, with the winner of the absolute division as the most coveted title of the event.
Due to it’s exclusivity and high caliber of competitors, the ADCC Championships (which stands for Abu Dhabi Combat Club), is regarded by many as the most prestigious grappling competition in the world. The championship was created by BJJ black belt and partial owner of the UFC, Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed al Nahyan is also the brother of the current UAE President.
The latest ADCC championship was held in Barcelona, Spain in 2009, where Braulio Estima earned the most coveted title of the event—ADCC Men’s Absolute Champion.
Where can I see the brackets?
For brackets across all 7 categories (men and women) click here:
ADCC Full Rules & Regulations:
What’s at stake? You know, besides the prestige….
ADCC Prize Money Allocation
All Men’s Divisions/by Weight Class :   
First     $10,000.00
Second     $5,000.00
Third     $3,000.00
Fourth     $1,000.00
Absolute Weight Class (Any Weight):   
First     $40,000.00
Second     $10,000.00
Third     $5,000.00
Fourth     $1,000.00
Super Fight
Winner  $40,000
Looser  $10,000
Awards :   
Best Technique     $1,400.00
Best Takedown     $1,400.00
Fastest Submission     $1,400.00
Best Fight of Competition     $1,400.00
Total Prizes Available:
So, how can I watch ADCC 2011?
The championships will be streamed live and exclusively at on Saturday, September 24th & Sunday, September 25th.
You can order the pay-per-view for $24.95 by heading to this site
What is the schedule and airtimes for my region?
Saturday: Competition starts at 12pm (UK time)
Sunday: Competition starts at 12pm (UK time) will be broadcasting live on BOTH Sat & Sun.
Check out these FAQ’s for watching the live stream at BudoVideos
What time is that where I live?
Below is a list of major cities around the world. We also suggest this website to find your timezone and start time.
London/Nottingham – 12PM

Paris – 1PM

New York – 7AM

Los Angeles 4AM

Rio De Janeiro – 8AM

Hawaii – 1AM

Tokyo – 8PM

Sydney 9PM

Johannesburg – 1PM
Will BudoVideo’s replay the Broadcast?
We will definitely have the finals available for replay within a few weeks. Also, we are working on possibly rebroadcasting the entire event. We’ll see!
Can I watch the broadcast on my iPhone/iPad/Android etc.?
Yes! Withe skyfire app, you can watch the broadcast live. We’ve tested it and it works really well!



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