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I will enter your request in the competition. The final decision to who will fight ADCC European Trials 2007 is made in the 4th week in February 2007.

To promote your chances of selection please send clear video or DVD footage of your fights and your fighting records to:

Marko LeisténMartinkatu 3 A 220810 TURKU FINLANDCell: +358 44 5209 118

Send your name, age, fight record, school, nationality and style by e-mail to Marko Leistén. Subject: registration ADCC European Trials.

The deadline of registration is February 23rd 2007.

ADCC selects 16 male and 8 female competitors to each weight class and two reserved competitors.

Fighters who are selected to compete get information on February 28th 2007 by e-mail.

Best Regards,

Marko LeisténADCC Europe

Next fighters have already get places to ADCC European Trials 2007

-65.9kg 1. Toni Kröger. Finland (ADCC European Trials 2005 Winner)2. Teemu Launis. Finland (Finnish open winner)3. Daniel Ackermann. German (Switzerland open winner)4. Hélio Perdigao. Portugal (U.K open winner)5. Mike Cüppers. German (Holland open winner) 6. Renier Nicolas. France (Belgium open winner)7. Zjezdzalka Jaroslaw. Poland (Poland open winner)8. Fran Alcalde. Spain (Spain open winner 9. Michael Hockenjos. Germany (Germany open winner)10. Julian Nguyen. Denmark (Greece open winner)11. Matteus Lähdesmäki. Finland (ranked nr.1 SHOOTO Europe)

-76.9kg1. Martin Lingvist. Sweden 2. Christian Sandberg. Sweden3. Nik Ruben Nikolaisen. Norway4. Mariusz Szczerek. Poland5. Wim Deputter. Belgium6. Frachey Johnny. France7. Eduardo Rios. Portugal8. Saffiedine Tarec. Belgium9. Frodi Vitalis Hansen. Denmark10. Robert Sundel. Sweden11. Jani Lax. Sweden

-87.9kg1. Marko Helen. Finland 2. Ilari Grönholm. Finland 3. Nelson Semedo. Switzerland4. Nicolas Gregoriades. Greece5 Martin Janson. Sweden6. Makdoumi Karim. Sweden7. Khalidow Mamed. Poland8. Pedro Rodrigues. Portugal9. Daniel Dowda. Poland10. Jonas Eriksson. Sweden11. Sauli Heilimö. Finland

-98.9kg1. Alister Overeem. Holland 2. Samuli Perälä. Finland3. Einar Naes. Norway4. Tomas Szczerek. Poland5. David Haagsma. Holland6. Gouram Hakim. Belgium7. Grabowski Damian. Poland8. Toni Vivas. Spain9. Michael Materla. Poland10. Michal Bobrowski. Poland11. Diong Staring. Holland

+99kg1. Mustafa Al Turk. England 2. Janne Pietiläinen. Finland 3. Ivajlo Markov. Bulgary4. Rogent Lloret. Spain5. Hans Stringer. Holland6. Ziegler Carsten. Germany7. Biskup Przemyslaw. Poland8. Daniel Minangue. Spain9. Heiko Schönborn. Germany10. Martin Wojcik. Denmark11. Rimkevicius Tadas. Lithuania

-60kg Female 1. Marina Weckström. Finland 2. Caoimhe McGill. U.K3. Kath Gifford. U.K4. Cousin Laurence. France5. Gdula Agnieszka. Poland6. Reachel Weatley. U.K7. Carmen Jahnke. Germany

+60kg Female1. Jennifer Guiola. Sweden 2. Monica Vanessa Silva. Portugal3. Marloes Coenen. Holland4. Kunz Sandra. Germany5. Devi Ahuja. Norway6. Camilla Gjelsten. Norway7. Sara Capoferri. Italy

ADCC European Trials 2007

Time and Place March 24th Turku FinlandKylpylahotell Caribian 994-hallKongressikatu 1 City: Arena:

PrizesEvery weight class winners get place to world champion competition Weight in / competition payment23rd March in Finnfighters gym at 8.00 p.m. (not official)24th March in Arena 10 a.m. officialCompetition payment: 20euro

Rules meeting24th March in Arena 11 a.m. Public 24th January Entrance: 12.30 p.m.Competition start: 1. p.m.Tickets at door: 20euro

HotelHotel JuliaPrice 63e for a double room. Add 20e for an extra bed. Mention that you are here for the competition and have the booking nr: ADCC230307Tel nr: +358 233 6000

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