ADCC ITALY results report


Great event for the ADCC debut in Italy! On 22 October the town of Asti hosted a Submission Fighting tournement organized by ADCC Italy.Around 70 fighters were there rappresenting some of the best Italian Teams; special guest was Lubomir Guedjev (ADCC Head Referee), judge of the event together with Filippo Leone (ADCC Italy).


Academy of Fighting (Claudio Musso)Anaconda Team Milano (Alessandro Quarta)Athlon Savona (Mirko Ercole)Edmar Jacobina Kombat Team (Edmar Jacobina)Fight Team Ferrara (Stefano Pola)Firestorm Team (Tommaso Pispico)Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur (David Giorsetti)Indomita Pro Fighting (David D’Ambrosio)Italian Connection (Federico Tisi – Andrea Baggio)Italian Top Team – Rio Grappling Club (Bernardo Serrini)Jkd Mma Academy (Cosimo Micali)Real Fighting Team Leone (Filippo Leone)Team Musashi Terracina (Massimiliano Pecchia)Yoseikan Submission Wrestling Team Milano (Davide Morini)

RESULTS – Beginner Class

– 67 Kg.1. Antony Bruno (Gracie Barra Cote D’Azur)2. Matteo Menna (Fight Team Ferrara)

– 73 Kg.1. Simone Franceschini (Italian Connection)2. Davide Berardi (Indomita Pro Fighting)

– 79 Kg.1. Massimiliano Martini (Academy of Fighting) 2. Tommaso Pispico (Firestorm Team)

– 85 Kg.1. Daniel Giampaolo (Real Fighting Team Leone) 2. Fulvio Lombardo (Italian Connection)

– 91 Kg.1. Giuseppe Dell’Aira (Real Fighting Team Leone)2. Giacomo Amabili (Edmar Jacobina Kombat Team)

+ 91 Kg.1. Daniele Leardini (Team Musashi Terracina)2. Renato Bernardi (Academy of Fighting)

“Cantina ValleBelbo” Trophy – Best beginner Team: Real Fighting Team Leone (Filippo Leone)

RESULTS – Champion Class

– 66 Kg.1. Jean Monier (Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur)2. Massimo Garavaglia (Italian Connection)

– 77 Kg.1. Michel Salvadori (Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur)2. Francoise Laferre (Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur)

– 88 Kg.1. Morris Cilfoni (Edmar Jacobina Kombat Team)2. Samuel Monin (Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur)

– 99 Kg.1. –2. –

+ 99 Kg.1. –2. –

“Astidental – Provincia di Asti” Trophy – Best champion Team: Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur (David Giorsetti)

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