ADCC North American Championships 2011 – San Diego

Attention all Grapplers!!! The ADCC Qualifiers in San Diego, (March 12th) is the last qualifier for North Americans! 

After a successful 2010 North American Championships, the ADCC North America Federation is back to find the final competitors who will fight

for ADCC glory this September in England.


Time and Place

San Diego, California, March 12th 2011

Arena: National Guard Armory (7401 Mesa College Drive)

Event homepage & info: <>

Weight classes

-65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg and +99kg


-60kg and +60kg

Rules <>

Weight in

Just before first fight

Rules meeting


Competition start



Is Now open at:

Competition payment

$80.00 USD


Every weight classes’ winner gets official invitation to ADCC World 2011.

Every weight classes’ three best fighters get medals.

For more information:

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