ADCC OPEN ITALY 2007: report and results

On Saturday at the ADCC Italy meeting was introducted the 2007-2008 calendar of competitionsADCC Italy opens the new season with a great Submission Fighting international open: the tournement organized this year in the beautiful Tuscany, in the ambit of WTKA World open championship 2007 of Kickboxing, Karate and Martial Arts.

On Saturday at the ADCC Italy meeting was introducted the 2007-2008 calendar of competitions, awarded prize to all the national champs of the last season and officialized the cooperation between ADCC Italy and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Italian Federation in order to promote together activities and competitions.On Sunday at the tournement a lot of public and athlets from different styles followed the competition: 8 hours of exciting fights with perfect refereeing and great fair play from fighters and coaches…Photo gallery at: Thanks to all the grapplers, coaches, all the ADCC Italy staff and WTKA staff, the referees and to all the teams:

Alliance Jiu Jitsu Ecuador (Fernando Soluco Di Pierro)Caimani Team/Gracie Barra Caveirinha Treviso (Gianni Bertazzon)Gladiatori Labronici (Stefano Perullo)Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur (Michel Salvadori)Hwal Moo Do (Stefano Trifella)Italian Connection (Federico Tisi)Ju Jitsu Center Parma (Marco Baratti)Ju Jitsu Team Montecchio (Massimiliano Robuschi)Kunpoldam Academy/Gracie Barra Caveirinha Chiavari (Roberto Fantasia)Real Fighting Team Leone (Filippo Leone)Rendoki Dojo (Simone Cangialosi)Rio Grappling Club Bologna (Gianluca Boni)Russian Ju Jitsu Federation (Tair Narimov)Schmitz Team (Raphael Schmitz)Sparta MMA (Andrea Lavaggi)Team Fabbiani (Luca Fabbiani)Waza Do Ju Jitsu Cengio (Matteo Rovea)



– 65 Kg.1. Sergey Artamanov (Russian Ju Jitsu Federation – RUS)2. Sergey Kurlykin (Russian Ju Jitsu Federation – RUS)3. –

+ 65 Kg.1. Luigi Ritorno (Waza Do – ITA)2. Thomas Bertazzon (Caimani Team/Gracie Barra Caveirinha Treviso – ITA)3. Simone Pernice (Waza Do – ITA)


– 60 Kg.1. Rita Tana (Waza Do – ITA)2. Danila Delucchi (Kunpoldam Academy/Gracie Barra Caveirinha Chiavari – ITA)3. –


– 67 Kg.1. Antony Bruno (Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur – FRA) 2. Marco Bancone (Italian Connection – ITA)3. Franco D’Agostino (Hwal Moo Do – ITA)

– 73 Kg.1. Andreas Achniotis (Italian Connection – CYP)2. David Meyer (Team Schmitz – FRA)3. Jonny Cecchini (Rendoki Dojo – ITA)

– 79 Kg. 1. Salvatore Onano (Real Fighting Team Leone – ITA)2. Marco Badaracco (Kunpoldam Academy/Gracie Barra Caveirinha Chiavari – ITA)3. Alessio Bandelloni (Kunpoldam Academy/Gracie Barra Caveirinha Chiavari – ITA)

– 85 Kg.1. Gilles Rozeck (Team Schmitz – FRA) 2. Daniel Giampaolo (Real Fighting Team Leone – ITA) 3. Ion Condei (Rio Grappling Club Bologna – ITA)

– 91 Kg.1. – 2. –3. –

+ 91 Kg.1. Giuseppe Dell’Aira (Real Fighting Team Leone – ITA)2. Duduyev Undraskhab (Russian Ju Jitsu Federation – RUS)3. Roberto Fantasia (Kunpoldam Academy/Gracie Barra Caveirinha Chiavari – ITA)


– 66 Kg.1. Simone Franceschini (Italian Connection – ITA)2. Alessio Diliberti (Gladiatori Labronici – ITA)3. Marco Marsura (Caimani Team/Gracie Barra Caveirinha Treviso – ITA)

– 77 Kg.1. Michel Salvadori (Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur – FRA)2. Giordano Brozzi (Italian Connection – ITA)3. Davide Garavaglia (Italian Connection – ITA)

– 88 Kg.1. Leonardo Eturrate (Alliance Jiu Jitsu – ECU)2. Serge Canario (Team Schmitz – FRA) 3. Ruslan Khaskhanov (Russian Ju Jitsu Federation – RUS)

+ 88 Kg.1. –2. –3. –

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