Adding A Slick Side Control Escape To Your Arsenal Of Moves

It’s almost a daily occurrence when I have someone ask me how they can deal with the side control escape.  A tough position that presents many headaches, it could literally change the way you grapple by having an effective escape tactic from this position.

When given the chance, I try to share as many detailed escapes—be it simple or complex moves—that will allow you a chance to escape from here.

Today, I’m going to take a closer look at a very basic escape; however, it could prove to be a vital tool if you’re looking to become a better grapple.

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Precise & Effective Movements

Being caught under side control—especially by a bigger, stronger opponent—can leave you feeling as if you are being restrained by ropes and even give you a claustrophobic feeling of sorts.  For many, this is natural and can be one of the many reasons why the bottom side control is a miserable position to be stuck in.

Not only that, but it can allow your opponent to mount offensive tactics that will be very difficult to deal with from here.  Being able to escape the side control is an absolute must and here are some quick, effective ways to do so!

·       As your opponent is on top of you, cut to your hips, so that your knees and shoulders are aligned.

·       During this movement, make sure you have your top elbow in a position where it can free itself at any time.

·       Using your bottom arm, apply an underhook by reaching across the back of your opponent, and grabbing onto their far side hip.

·       Shoot your butt backwards, as if you are trying to bring it to your heel while also flaring your elbow outwards.

·       Slide out from underneath your opponent, ending next to them, making sure you maintain their far side hip.

Ridding Yourself of The Dread Bottom Side Control Stall

As I mentioned earlier, being trapped in bottom side control can cause many grapplers to hit the panic button.  Doing so only plays right into your opponents hand by allowing them to apply submission or pass into other positions with greater ease.

For a smaller grappler such as myself, I find that focusing on my weaknesses in order to improve is an absolute must.  Especially for scenarios such as these, I know I can’t allow my opponent to use their weight against me, or it could be the end of the match for me.

With that in mind, I make it a point to stress the importance of having these types of escape tactics when dealing with side control issues.  Between running classes at my own academy and speaking at seminars, I do my best to preach these techniques and do my best to help grapplers of any skill level rid themselves of the issues that being stuck in bottom side control offer.

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