Alvin Robinson looks back on 2006

If you haven’t heard of Alvin KID Robinson yet, trust us, in 2007 you will. He is one of the most promising 155 lb fighters to emerge in quite some time. He recently had a short stint with the IFL, until a back injury pulled him from competition. He returned 100% physically at ROF 27 to defend his ROF light weight championship belt. Robinson, a Royce Gracie brown belt has a 8-1 record in MMA. He also has the distinction of acquiring all of his 8 wins by submission. Robinson’s BJJ is complimented by wrestling, a sport the young athlete participated in high school and college. He also utilizes a strong knowledge of boxing fundamentals to be a complete fighter.

Alvin Robinson had the following comments about his fights and opponents of 2006:

“As I look back on my year, I realize that 2006 had a lot of highs and lows. Through it all, I have trained hard,learned from my mistakes, and never given up on my dream of being the best fighter I can be. Though the down times are very hard, I realize that these are the times that teach us the most about ourselves.”

12-10-05, RING OF FIRE, Luke Caudillo win – RNC: The year really started for me last Dec. 10 when I fought Luke Caudillo for the ROF Lightweight Title. Leading up to the fight a lot of people were saying that Luke was going to knock me out. The trash talk only motivated me. The night of the fight I felt confident and strong. My game plan was to stand with Luke until he over committed and then take him down and submit him. When the bell rang we met in the center of the ring where I scored an early take down. In Luke’s guard I started my ground and pound, when he then surprised me with an attempted armbar. I defended my arm and passed the guard. Then I mounted Luke and started raining down punches. Luke turned over and I slapped a rear naked choke on and he tapped. I was excited and honored to put on the ROF Lightweight title belt.

04-01-06, RING OF FIRE, James martinez, win – triangle: April 1 would be my first title defense at the ROF against James Martinez. This was a fight that I could hardly wait for. James had been really disrespectful and even tried to start a fight with me at an earlier ROF. My strategy for this fight was to dominate James standing then take him down and tap him out. The fight started and James came out and threw a leg kick. He was off balance after the kick so I shot in and took him down. I then passed his guard, knee mounted and started punching. I thought he was going out when my hand got caught in the rope. I stopped and looked up and James rolled me out. From my guard I set James up for a triangle. He tapped out at 1:14 in round 1. I felt like I had taken another step in the right direction.

05-06-06,TKO,Fabio Holanda, loss – tko: My next fight would take place May 5 in Canada. I was fighting for TKO, an organization that had sent several fighters to the UFC. I thought if I did well there, it would lead to a chance in the UFC. This fight had me pumped. Leading up to the fight I was confident and looking to take it to my opponent, Fabio Holanda. When I arrived in Canada my game plan was to dominate Fabio standing up, wear him out, then take him down and submit him on the ground. When the fight started I attempted a high kick then took Fabio down. From there I started my ground and pound. Fabio and I were scrambling from position to position when I took his back. I put on a rear naked choke and it was tight. For whatever reason I was tired and let it go. Fabio and I then began scrambling from position to position to finish the round. In my corner I couldn’t figure out why I was tired and I knew Fabio was there to fight. The beginning of the second round I planned on pulling guard and recovering. Fabio stepped over and ended up mounted and my arm was trapped. Fabio then started punching. None of the punches really hurt me but I was unable to defend my face. The ref did his job and stopped the fight. After the fight I was really disappointed, but I wanted to get right back in the ring.

07-22-06, Fight Force, Marshall Martin, win- traingle: On July 22 I returned to the ring to fight Marshall Martin in Butte, Montana. My training for this fight was good and I was anxious to fight. When the fight started I shot in and picked up Marshall. I rushed my finish and missed the takedown. Marshall and I exchanged strikes for most the round. I then took Marshall down passed his guard and put him in an arm triangle. He tapped out 3:54 in round 1. It felt good to be on the winning track again!

09-09-06, IFL, Ryan Schultz, cancelled due to injury: I was then scheduled to fight in the IFL on September 9. My opponent was going to be Ryan Schultz from Team Quest. I felt great about the matchup and was excited to be part of the IFL. Then I injured my back. One of my ribs had become separated, and it was impossible to train. I was very disappointed to have missed this fight, but I was determined to come back stronger than ever.

07-22-06, RING OF FIRE, Rocky Johnson, win- rnc: My last fight in 2006 took place Dec 9 against Rocky Johnson. I was really excited for this fight because Rocky had been telling everyone he wanted to fight me. My training was improving and I felt very confident when the fight arrived.When the bell rang for this fight I was ready to take Rocky out. We met in the middle of the ring and Rocky faked a shot. I threw a high kick and he backed up against the ropes. From there I took him down and started dropping punches and elbows. I went for an armbar , but Rocky defended and rolled into my guard. Rocky stood up and I took him down again. This time I took his back and applied a rear naked choke for the tap in round 1.

This year saw me win my ROF title and successfully defend it twice. I also experienced my first loss. Overall , I felt like I improved a lot and learned from all of my fights. Right now I feel like I get better everyday. I truly believe if I am on my game no one can beat me. I plan on a big year in 2007 and I am willing to fight anyone to show my abilities.

I want to thank John Crouch for all his time, energy, and sacrifice. Thanks to Griff, Liester and all of my training partners that help push me. Thank you Sven for everything you do and have done for me. Also thank you EAS for providing me with all of my supplements.

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