Anderson Silva Muay Thai College Opens

 You have to be tough to open any place of business off of Crenshaw in Torrance, but then again not many people are Anderson Silva. That is because Anderson Silva has opened up a muay Thai College in Torrance, California, and by the looks of it the gym will offer a lot more than Muay Thai. With an Octagon, bags, gym equipment, and some area for mats the gym will most likely offer more than just Muay Thai. It is not known how much the GOAT of MMA will training there, but rumor has it they he may be doing some of his training for upcoming fights at the gym. Also, no one could have been nicer than the man of the hour Anderson Silva, because he was stopping to take pictures with any and everybody despite it being an opening for his gym and his family being there. 

MMA photographer extraordinaire Tracy Lee was on hand to capture the night that had many more stars at the event. Members of the Gracie family where there to celebrate the event. Mark Munoz showed up and him and Silva were very cordial and goofed around for a bit. Silva even attempted a single leg on the fellow UFC middleweight with both of them in suits. Another BJJ legend and fellow UFC middleweight Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza showed up to celebrate his Brazilian brethren’s gym opening. There were other names and legends in the building showing their support for longtime UFC middleweight champion.

This gym opening is in line with BJ Penn, Rampage Jackson, and other MMA fighters that have opened their own gyms. This one obviously put in a lot of time, effort, and thought into this gym. Everything put into the place has purpose, and not much of the area in wasted on items that are not essential to a Muay Thai Gym. This looks to be a great gym, and if you are in the Torrance area check it out because with Anderson Silva backing it you know it will be nothing less than superb.

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