Anderson Silva Test Positive for Steroids

Anderson Silva Test Positive for Steroids  is one of the saddest headlines I have ever had to write as a MMA Journalist. This is a sad turn of events.

Anderson Silva Test Positive for Steroids

Anderson Silva Test Positive for Steroids is not the only failed test, because Nick Diaz was popped for Marijuana. That is unfortunately not that new of an idea.

Anderson Silva Test Positive for Steroids was out of competition testing on January 9th, but it took nearly a month for the results to come back to the Nevada State Athletics Commission. They said the results were received late which if they were received on time then they would have not let Anderson Silva fight which throws even more problems for the UFC since the failed drug test of Jon Jones.

Nick Diaz also failed his drug test for weed which has happened before. He failed the test when they took it after the fight, and due to both of the fighters failing the loss and win are most likely to be turned to a no contest. It could probably be the last fight for both fighters in the UFC.

Diaz is just a liability now and with three losses, even if he is a “needle mover” it is not worth the headache. For Silva, he has lost his last two fights, broke his leg, sat out a year, and now tested positives for a steroid. He has essentially tarnished his whole career and it throughs it through a different prism whether this failed drug test was a one time thing or a career long exercise in subterfuge.

In the end, it is a sad event when multiple fighters are testing positive for a variety of illegal and banned substances it is hard to put your faith int he future of the sport. While other sports do have these problems it seems to run rampant in MMA.

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